Dracula Fan Fiction


It is a week since Alex and Renfield saved Jayne from further torture, rape by the high council of the Order of the Dragon and have fled the city of London.

Alex is Dracula a powerful vampire sired by the order in 15th century Romania. He is in 19th century England known to all as Alexander Grayson in order to keep his true identity a secret. He pretends to be an American businessman. His aim in life, to bring revenge to the order for making him a vampire and killing his family.

Jayne is the only female vampire hunter in the Order of the Dragon, she is the best in Europe. When her parents died who were part of the order, her father a  senior member of the order high council, their head Browning took Jayne in aged 14. Once in the order the only way to leave is death, betray them you get punished by the high council.  Once in the order your life comes second, you always do things thinking of the order first. Jayne thinks a vampire killed her parents but he actually saved Jayne, it was Dracula. Her parents were trying to flee with Jayne so she would not become a pawn used by the order but the order killed them. 

Browning brainwashed Jayne, made her think the vampire killed her parents, wanted to kill her, that he saved her to make her have a debt to him. Browning was obsessed with Jayne, her beauty, her fighting skills, he raped her the night she entered the order to make her think once used no man would want her. When she ever went out of line she was tortured and raped by the high council. Jayne was trained to be a vampire hunter as she was always good at sword play, hand to hand combat even besting the top hunters like Cruger in London.

Jayne was emotionally, mentally broken by the order but yet she was loyal to them as they were her family now. (she got Stockholm syndrome) If the order needed secrets spilled from a male enemy or rival in business they made Jayne seduce the men to get the secrets spilled to her in bed. She never felt love, blocked her emotions and over time became on the outside to all, hard, confident, hypnotising, charming and her intelligence shinning through. But, inside she was hurt, broken, unsure of life. She was the order’s puppet and knew if she tried to break free it meant death by sword. She was not allowed choose her life, it was mapped by the order and her falling for Alex, refusing to give him up had meant the order torturing, raping her until Alex discovered the truth, rescued her.

Jayne is Alex aka Dracula aka Vladimir Tepes’ ( a prince from Romania 15th century) fiancée Janice (Jan-esse) reincarnated. Alex when he was Vladimir was bewitched by magic Janice’s uncle had enlisted a black witch to perform. Alex who was Vladimir at the time due to the magic would forget Janice and the love he held for her, but there was a loophole. 400 years to the day after the curse when he set eyes on Jayne his memories of them together in the past came back to him.
Alex only lately found out Jayne is a vampire hunter and he tried to stay away from her but his love for her was strong like a magnetic force and he could not stay away from her. She told him she was in the order after she spotted him following her there but, she did not mention her role there in full to him. Sunlight can hurt Alex, long exposure kill him. Van Helsing as in the show has made a serum so Alex can walk in sunlight so many hours a day. He is also a secret business partner of Alex’s as well as a doctor and professor at the local university. 

Renfield is Alex’s most loyal friend, he is also his solicitor. He came top of his class in law school in San Fransisco but found it hard to gain employment in the field of law due to being a black male. He meet Alex on a train journey to Boston where Renfield was working as a bar attendant, Alex trying to broker a deal with American business men to buy their natural resources company.

The businessmen tried to attack Alex as they did not feel he was the person to sell their company shares to and when Renfield went to help Alex he himself got beaten. Alex let his vampire side come out and he savagely killed the men thus saving Renfield’s life. In the processes he got the company shares he desired.  Renfield then told Alex of his life on Alex’s insistence. Alex’s instincts told him he could trust Renfield so he brought him into his employment as his solicitor, most trusted employee. He told Renfield all about his past as Vladimir Tepes, being Dracula and his time in 15th century Romania as part of the Order of the Dragon. 

Apart from Dr. Van Helsing who brought Alex back to life after almost 200 years, Renfield is the only one who truly knows who Alex is. To this day over eight years since they meet, Renfield has never broken Alex’s trust or let slip any of his secrets to a living soul. Renfiled would rather die than betray the only person to have ever placed their full faith and trust in him.