Angels Of The Night

The angels danced as the air blew around them, a film of white surrounding the glow that shone for the  girl who watched from below. The angels spun, leapt, peroiteted, randevouzed through the night sky.  The stars watched in awe, the moon mesmerised like the girl whose sadness the angles wanted to keep, keep in return for a smile they would put between her tear stained cheeks. The glow from their feet, their whole body, as they extended their arms to reach that girl looking at them with eyes, eyes glazed over with tears like glass that fell from heartache hard upon her cheeks.
The night was cold, the air seemed alive as she showed her vail of white thought the dark of that night. She danced near the angels and as she laughed, giggled like a child her breath of fog filled the sky of night, but, all around the angels and girl, the air stayed clear, crisp, and bright with the glow from the angles feet.

The angels sang, their voices sweet, clear with a hypnotising tune. It was calming like the ocean on a hot summer’s day and filled the girl’s heart with some warm, loving joy.  The girl closed her eyes, taking in the their sound as tears stopped flowing to her cheeks. She felt a touch so soft to her cheek, warming it, making it glow, feeling like a kiss so sweet upon it. As her eyes she opened slow, her heart layered with stone letting crumble its layer of hurt, she saw an angel’s touch gentle upon her cheek.

The night seemed to blink as stars twinkled, gentle voices humming a tune so sweetly as an angel danced in sight. The sky in her joy let forth from arms stretched so far, her art of sculpture, each piece unique, nothing the same. Her flakes of white snow falling on the angles and the girl, through the night sky to the ground below. Everything white, everything clear as the angels moved in flight. They touched the girl’s fingers which then began to glow. Her body in the cold began to heat and her feet began to move. She closed her eyes and danced though the night on feet so light, so nimble.

The snow at their feet made no sound for their movements were so light. The wind in their hair, the night so pure, as an angle touched her heart. The feeling it heated her cold, hard heart and the stone began to melt. The girl opened her eyes which were now joyous and bright. They all danced through the light from the stars high above and the happiness that now filled the girl’s soul. But, as the humming ended, the singing subsided the girl sang sweetly her own little tune. She sang it as she looked deep in the eyes of her angles whose love she now knew and felt so sweet.

They both touched her heart, making it glow and they smiled upon her face. She smiled too, knowing, no matter what comes she is never truly alone for her angles are always with her in her heart. She let a smile cross her face, between her flushing cheeks. Her angels now seeming smaller, but, an aura around them of light royal blue. She heard like a whisper in her mind. ‘When you see this sign, this aura of blue we will be with you. When you need us, just call out to us guardians of your soul and there we will be, loving and pure, in friendship and love.’

The girl closed her eyes taking mental pictures of the night, the night she found friendship, love that would forever and always last. When she opened her eyes, her smile now wide, the angels were away, but their aura of blue dancing through the night, from her heart far past the stars. Whenever she needed them, or called out for their love there the auras came to her and showed her love.