The eyes stared at her with a menacing look, as if they were making a path deep into her soul.      

It scared her inside so much she trembled, but the eyes did not divert from her.

A shiver took over her whole body as a cold chill washed over her skin.

The eyes revealing too much of her, to herself.

She moved back but the eyes followed her. 

She moved to the left, even the right but the eyes kept their dark stare on her body and her conflicting soul.

She thought her heart would race but it kept its steady beat, not quickening nor slowing, showing no sign of anything but utter stillness and calm.

She blinked with one eye and so did the eyes upon her.

She slid her eyes towards the door and she could see the dark, black eyes followed her gaze.

Voices invaded her, speaking of terrors, untimely memories that lived upon her soul.

The soul she had pledged to another to keep it free from harm, corruption, evil demons invading and prying upon its weakened state.

The voices roared like tigers, deep, echoing with pitches so loud she closed her eyes, placing her hands hard on her ears like a man clasping his hands tight in prayer, hoping his horse would win this very race.

The guilt, the hurt, the worthless fears, hatred for her soul. 

The darkness closing in around her, floating all about, her body still, no movement did it make.

Like ice upon the ground her body could not move, cold, hard, and smooth, but inside droplets of tears slid down her freezing, frozen cheeks.

No voice could she make, no movement from within, darkness taking hold of her, wanting to claim her for their own.

Her mind it raced, images of fear, thoughts of endless night. 

‘Holy Mary’ did it speak from far within its reach.

Eyes of knew opened upon the day, her body numb, her body weak it moved.

Her cracked lips bleeding like heartache from the Lord’s palms, her voice flowed ever low.

“Goodbye darkness, goodbye endless night, Mary my mother, saved me this night.”