Dracula Fan Fiction

Lady Jayne’ Scars (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 1 Part Four)

Part four.

Jayne had taken her hand from Alex’s cheek in a split second and was once again curled on the bed clutching her pillow between her arms. Alex got up and put a blanket on her. She grabbed his fingers and begged him not to go. She was petrified of being with Renfield a man she barely knew and one she did not trust. She did not believe the housekeeper who was now here would help her in anyway or allay any of her fears. She began to cry like a child on its first day at school clinging to its parent not wanting him/her to go. Alex was torn. He knew he had to get his serum from Van Helsing to stop sunlight hurting him but he also knew Jayne needed him now, she was a frightened wreck but he also needed time to heal the burns on the back of his hands.

Jayne’s grip was hurting Alex’s already agonisingly sore hands. He took his fingers from her’s and tried to calm her down. He put his arms around her holding her tenderly. ” Let me go Jayne” he said calmly. “PLEASE NO, PLEASE, NOOOO. ” she wailed loudly and with so much fear in her eyes. She whispered “I’m… I’m fri… Fright… ened” Alex knew in that second he could not leave her. “Just let me talk to Renfield for a moment by the door. I will be just in this room. Then I will be back to you. ” Jayne’s hands left Alex as he placed them off himself onto her lap. 

Alex got up from the bed and went to Renfield. He whispered. ” Tell Van Helsing I cannot have the serum now, I will stay with Jayne until she sleeps then I will go to the basement. ” Renfield raised a brow. ” But Sir!” Renfield said knowing the plan was not safe. Alex continued to whisper. ” Close the curtain fully and then you and Mrs. Smith can leave the room. Please, you can see how she is. What those evil bastards have done to her.” Renfield nodded. He closed the curtains and told the housekeeper to leave with him. Alex closed the bedroom door and returned to Jayne. He sat on the bed beside her and took one of her cold hands in his. ” Everything is fine Jayne. Just try to drink some of your tea,  then, I will stay right here with you as you try to get some needed sleep. ”

Jayne looked at Alex and raised a brow as if to say are you sure. He nodded. Jayne turned her upper body and took the tea cup in her hand. It shook so much little drops of tea spilled over the sides. Alex took the cup from Jayne and held it to her lips letting her sip a few drops. He did this for a few moments until Jayne shook her head. He put the cup on the bedside table as Jayne got comfortable under the blanket. Then in a surprising move as Alex got up to sit on the chair by the bed Jayne put a hand on his. With a finger she beckoned him to her.  As he sat beside her she put some of the blanket over him. She moved her body beside his. Alex slowly lay on the bed and wrapped his arms around Jayne who put her hand on his. She intwined her fingers with his as she lay with him feeling calm, safe, loved, something she felt with no one else. She nuzzled his shoulder with the side of her head and as they snuggled up together Jayne suddenly felt sleep fall over her, something that most nights took hours to come but with Alex took mere minutes. 

Alex noticed as she slept Jayne seemed calmer, she did toss and turn a little but nothing like before and not in a violent manner. As she slept more,  Alex after about 35minutes slowly took her hands from his, removed his arms from around her and crept from the room towards the basement to get his serum.