Dracula Fan Fiction

Lady Jayne’s Scars (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 1 Part Five)

Part five.

Alex felt bad leaving Jayne but for his safety he had to. He could not risk her discovering his secret and freaking out even more. Then what would she do? Be even more frightened alone and easily prayed on again as well as hurt by the order? How he would lose her, her love, the love of the only woman he ever truly loved with all his being.  

“So you finally show up.” Van Helsing said in a bitter tone as Alex entered the basement, rolled up his sleeve and sat on the examination chair. Alex looked at Van Helsing with a look of hate and snarled slightly at him, his fangs showing for a few seconds. “I cannot wait around every morning for hours until you ‘decide’ you want to show.”Van Helsing said slightly annoyed a look of deep unhappiness expressing itself on his tired face. “After all, all I do is help hide your identity by letting you be able walk in the daylight for so many hours each day. It is not like I have anything else to do other than attend to you all day long as you wrap yourself up with the order’s whore.” In that moment Alex’s fangs came out and his rage came to the fore. He got up in a flash and ran at Van Helsing pushing him back to far wall, pinning him there.

“YOU DARE, YOU DARE SAY THAT AFTER WHAT THEY DID TO HER. SHE IS A VICTIM OF THE ORDER LIKE WE WERE. WE WERE BOTH SUCKED IN BY THEM TOO, WE WERE PART OF THEM IN THE PAST. YOU WANT TO LIVE? THEN YOU TREAT HER WITH RESPECT.” Van Helsing then stuck a needle into Alex’s arm. “Your  pre serum Mister Greyson. I would recommend you get to the machine and let Renfield strap you in before I change my mind and withhold the serum.” Alex took a couple of long, deep breathes. He went to the machine which was a thick mainly steel contraption, round shaped with an area for Alex to lie in. The northern side to the southern of the machine was just long enough for Alex to lie body length in. He lay on what was like a padded seat layed flat. Steel clasps were placed at each end to tie any occupier’s arms and feet. Attached to the machine was a long almost robotic arm with a tray bolted to it holding twelve viles filled with the serum Alex needed to walk. The needles as the machine quickened would penetrate Alex’s chest filling his body with serum. As Alex lay in the machine Renfield strapped him in. Van Helsing filled the last vile with serum and started up the machine.

As Alex held in his pain as the needles penetrated his skin, his veins popped out, their blue lines visible through the skin on his whole body. The machine moved, making a loud whirling  sound as it moved his body 90 degrees at a time, the serum coursing through his veins. Suddenly above the loud noise of the machine he heard screams and the panicked tone of Jayne calling his name over and over in fear. In that moment he thought of nothing else but getting to Jayne. He wanted to get to Jayne in that second, pure terror entering him as he wanted to break the chains that strapped him in keeping him from Jayne.