She cried and shouted into the night as foxes barked and howled in the distance.              

Her loneliness consuming her and her soul.                                                     

She kneeled on the frozen ground, her pale, snow like face hidden in her cracked bleeding hands, bleeding from the cold and frost in the air.                                                             

Each tear that fell upon her fingers was like a dagger slicing through her skin, revealing pain from within her damaged, tearing heart. 

She sobbed in silence, no sound did she make as her emptiness and fears consumed her.

Her weary heart, body, mind unable now to think in ways of sense, of anything but ramblings due to the feeling of ice upon all of her tiny frame .

The sky was clear, stars twinkled in the night sky as if to say hello to the moon who slept upon his back.                                                      

Like diamonds the bright stars shone, twinkling to and fro sending a signal of peace through the darkness lite by moonlight.

All around the world seemed in calm, save for the girl with the ringlet, brunette hair, slim figure who stayed crying on her knees till the tears refused to come and the moon lite her up as if she was on a stage, she with the starring role.                                                                            

Her hair shone its strings of gold, her body did she move, the moonlight following her every step.   

She walked so slow, her breath like cobwebs, almost invisible but thin like reams of silk so delicate and pure.                   

As she moved her body to the door of her life, the stars twinkled the moon shone even more bright, saying goodnight to the girl who seemed to live in the night.