Dracula Fan Fiction

Lady Jayne’s Scars (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 1 Part Six).

Part six.
Alex used all his strength and after two minutes broke from the steel clasps that imprisioned his arms and legs. Renfield turned off the machine, then, only then did Renfield and Van Helsing hear Jayne’s screams of fear too. Van Helsing began screaming Alex’s name fearful for the machine. He held no concern for Jayne or the plight she maybe in. Alex turned around and brandished his fangs at Van Helsing before turning, retracting them and rushing up the stairs to the ground floor then assenting the staircase towards Jayne bedroom on the first floor. The screams came closer together, more fearful and as Alex entered her bed chamber he saw Jayne sitting up, her fingers holding the edge of the blanket tight as she looked around terror etched on her face. As she heard Alex she gasped in fear, her body jumped. When she saw him she held out her hands for his comfort. He rushed to Jayne, sat on her bed and took her in his arms holding her tight. 

“I woke and you were gone, I looked around but you were not there.” Alex pulled a little from Jayne but still held her. He looked deep into her eyes. “I am so sorry I scared you, I did not mean to. I was just called to take my medicine. I was only gone a few moments, I thought you would still be sleeping. I am so sorry.” He took her closer her head held to his chest. He kissed her head and forehead with a tender kiss. “I am so sorry I frightened you my love.” He kissed her head again. “Alex, I was frightened something had happened you and they were coming for me.” She sobbed into his bare muscly chest. “I am sorry I scared you.”

Alex moved her head up and looked into her eyes. “Do not apologise. It is better if you are scared to show it. I want to know how you always feel so I can support you the best way I can and adore you even more. Come here and just lie with me, you and me alone. We can talk or, stay in silence or you can sleep. I promise if you sleep, I will be there when you wake. ” She smiled a little, it was the first smile from both sides of her lips since she was rescued. She moved her head and sniffed in the scent from his chest. She put her arms under his arms to hold his back and kissed with short kisses half way down his torso making Alex let out two low moans, before she snuggling into Alex’s half naked body and moving her head on his chest until the side, the right side of her head rested on it.

“I want to leave, get away from here.” Alex sat up a little more, Jayne still lying on him, their arms around each other. “Why leave Jayne? Where would you go? ” He was really concerned. She moved a little and looked in his eyes. “Anywhere you are. You did say before you have other places we could go.” He was a little taken aback by her words but relieved she wanted him in her life, she felt safe with him and in him saving her. “If you want to we can go but it could take a couple of days to set things up.” She nodded. “As long as you are with me, I will feel safe, a bit normal for with you I can be me, and know it is ok to cry, to lash out, to be afraid, be a little happy even though I still have pain inside.” He smiled. “And I know wherever you want to go I will go to if it keeps you safe. I am lucky to have found you again.” He did not realise he had said again and this made Jayne think where had they ever meet before.