Dracula Fan Fiction

Lady Jayne’s Scars (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 1 Part Eight).

Alex stayed with Jayne as she slept. He knew he had not had all his serum but could still walk in daylight but not for a long as most days. Alex sat there on the bed, Jayne in his arms a feeling that was like gold to him, precious and pure, something he wanted to last forever. Jayne still had her arms around him, she was moving about and mumbling but no violent movements or upsetting behaviour. Alex could feel Jayne was still afraid but nothing like before. She was more relaxed now she was with him and felt safe in his comforting embrace. It was the first time since her ordeal Jayne was getting proper, much needed sleep without nightmares and terror.

As she slept Alex heard her mumble his name. He looked down to see her move faster, more often. Then in a quick second she called out his name loudly. As she did she relaxed again her grip on his body tightening. She mumbled more. “You saved me before they could return.” Then her movements stopped and she went back into a deep sleep still in Alex’s arms. Alex kissed her head and pulled the blanket over Jayne more. He rubbed her back gentle and whispered. “I will always come to save you, always.”
 Meanwhile in the basement Van Helsing was seething with anger, pacing back and forth about the room, putting his hand through his hair. “how could he, that stupid beast. Just like most men, attracted by a pretty face a sob story and a helpless bitch. I would not be surprised if all this ‘rape ‘ was faked and set up to look real to get Jayne where she is now, so close to Alex he will spill his secrets to her and she, yes she will rush back to the order to betray him. I will not let that whore ruin plans I spent years building up.” He got so angry with one arm swipe he pushed glass bottles and tubes off the work bench by the wall. ” Wahhhhhha ” he screamed in anger.

” I will stop you whore of the order. Oh yes, mark my words, by the time I am finished with you, you will wish you had never meet Alexander Greyson. “. He laughed evilly and menacingly as a plan so terrifying formulated in his head, a plan that rivaled those orchestrated by the order against their greatest foes.