Dracula Fan Fiction

Lady Jayne’s Scars (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 1 Part Seven).

Alex suddenly realised his mistake from the look on Jayne’s face. He did not stop holding her. ” Well, we meet before but you never saw me. It was at the party two to three years ago in Lord Laurent’s town manor in London. A company I was acquiring, a new company, an energy company in America, its boss at the time invited me as his plus one to the party. It was about three years ago. I went to it and was bored to tears, the man I was with a southerner, mid height, black hair, a turned up mustache, thin build was making deals with Lord Laurent and Browning as I watched from the wings. I was bored until I saw you. ” He lifted her hands to his lips and kissed them with a gentle kiss. ” Your eyes are what drew me to you. I was hypnotised. I moved the through the crowed room to get to you but before I could Mister Browning whisked you away. ” He sighed. ” I spent all evening hoping you would return but by the time the man I was with wanted to leave you had not returned. I went back to London three times between that Autumn and winter but not once did I find you. I feared I never would. ” Jayne looked deep in his eyes full of remorse and she felt his sorrow. She took one of her hands from his and put it to his cheek. ” But you did find me and I am here now, here with you and it is no dream. ” She slowly moved her head towards his and in a move that shocked Alex she planted a short kiss full of love and tenderness to his lips. It was their first true kiss of love in this lifetime and one Jayne had sought. As Alex kissed her back Jayne did not put up a fight instead letting his lips devour hers in a way she never experienced as it was a kiss from him of nothing but love.

As the kiss ended Jayne once again wrapped her arms around Alex, cuddling up in his arms. Alex holding her with love as she closed her eyes to rest whispering.” I love you Alex and this time it is not thinking I do but knowing. “