Dracula Fan Fiction

Jayne’s Scars (Dracula Fann Fiction, Chapter 1 Part Nine).

“Alex” Jayne said groggily as she stirred and began to open her eyes. Alex looked down to see Jayne opening her eyes. “I am hungry” She looked up at Alex with puppy dog eyes. “Pancakes and camomile tea with lemon, honey, a dash of milk, please.” Alex was amused and chuckled by her tone of childish pleading. He wanted to see what she would do next. He said nothing but had a smirk on his face. She looked up into his eyes “Please !” She kissed his chest with a short, emotion filled kiss. “Please!” She kissed his upper torso. Alex was enjoying this game and he shook his head. Then Jayne kissed his middle torso with three kisses without moving her lips from his torso her arms on his back. She looked back into his eyes as he moaned from her kisses. “Pancakes and camomile it will be.” He said with a happy grin.

Van Helsing meanwhile was beginning his plan, that of bringing about Jayne’s downfall. He was going to start dropping hints when he knew Jayne was near but she could not see him. Van Helsinhg saying things to make her think, was Alex really trustworthy, her mind left wondering was Alex really just using her. His idea to firstly break the trust Alex had built up with Jayne a trust that took all of Jayne to let go and into Alex’s hand.

He wants to break her down bit by bit until she is alone, vulnerable, pushing Alex away and her trust in him shattered.He then thought a deviously wicked plan, to make her go insane, see her hurt by the order again. He was even thinking to go as far as to try to have her raped as he thinks she lied about being raped, so she should be, feel the pain he thinks she deserves. His deadliest revenge is to watch her tortured, broken inside and out until she can take no more. As thoses plans formulate in his mind as a sly, evil grin crossed his lips and evil invades him almost completely, in mind, body, heart and soul.

Dr. Van Helsing hated Jayne as she took Alex’s eyes partly from the plans he and Van Helsing had built up over a decade, that of revenge on the Order of the Dragon who murdered their loved ones. Van Helsing knew since meeting Jayne, for Alex it is no longer about pure revenge against the order but Alex is now in love, wanting to save, keep Jayne from any harm by the order whom she still belongs to. He feels it is distracting Alex from their carefully layed plans, plans that have evolved over a decade. Van Helsing has only revenge in his heart and deep inside it is now emerging he is as evil as any in the order.