Dracula Fan Fiction

Jayne’s Scars (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 1 Part Ten).

Alex pressed the buzzer beside the bed. “Hello,” The housekeeper said. “Mrs. Smith could you make crêpes with a small pot of honey, more camomile tea with honey, lemon wedge and a dash of milk. ” The housekeeper spoke. “Of course sir.” Alex took his hand off the buzzer, Jayne still had her hands around him, but she sat up putting her head on his shoulder. ” I still find it hard that you are so good to me, that you risked your life to save mine, especially knowing that I am part of the order, one that classes you as an enemy.” Jayne sighed deeply. “In a way I was and am your enemy.” 

Alex moved and looked down at Jayne’s sad looking face, his eyes fixed on her’s. He looked at her with a serious look, he titled her head up by the chin. “Hey, I saw beyond your order connections, I could see they were using you. You were being hurt. Before I knew you were part of them I already was in love with you. I was from the first moment I saw you. I saw how they treated you, pulling you aside, reprimanding you, shouting at you. Telling you to seduce men for their secrets or to blackmail them, the look of fear you tried to hide but which shone through your eyes. But as you would walk back your emotions you would blocked and a steel look would resonate on your face. It would hurt me seeing you like that. You seemed trapped but doing their orders as if you did not you would be called before the high council to answer for it. When I fell for you I had no idea you were part of the order. When I discovered the truth I could not turn off my feelings, when I saw how they used you I just wanted to rescue you, show you I love you, find out if you could love me too.”

Jayne looked deep into his eyes as his soft, soothing voice calmed her sadness. “With you Jayne, I feel happy for the first time in years, I feel like I could do anything as I love you. When we first talked I knew I loved you even more. I could see in your eyes you had an attraction for me. I was, am good to you as I love you and when I found you were with the order I can not lie it hurt me, not just hurt but devastated me, the woman I love working for the very men who are out to destroy me. I tried to stay away from you but I had to see what you were doing. I know it sounds crazy but I wanted to see would you be doing their will 100% willingly or not. Would you help them take me down? When I saw in your eyes you were not I knew there was hope we could be together. I could try to help you break free from them and the torture they inflicted on you, that we might form a relationship like I hope we are now.” Jayne smiled a little and sat up moving beside Alex. She changed the subject quickly not wanting to talk more about what the order did to her. ” I wonder where Mrs. Smith is with the food I feel a bit peckish. ” 

At the same time Van Helsing was growing even more enraged, he could not get past the fact Lady Jayne was part of the order, an order that wanted to destroy the new wireless technology he had helped to perfect with the help of Alex. He knew from his past experiences women could be cunning creatures, using any trick to get close to men for their own gain. He believed Jayne was so deep in the order she would do anything for them, even betraying a man who loved her, risked his life for her and Van Helsing was sure even lie about being attacked, stage a fake attack to get closer to Alex to sabotage his wireless technology.