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Loving Touch (Dracula Fan Fiction Poem)

(Lady Jayne and Alexander Grayson)

Alex lay a hand gently to his lover’s cheek, caressing it with slow, soft strokes.

His gaze ever fixed on the eyes, blue like the sea after a storm, of his lady before him.

He was transfixed by Jayne’s beauty, the beauty he came to know from inside her loving soul, warm heart, openness to him, she showed no other.

From her eyes he could see deep into her, to places she let no one else go, far reaches of her heart scarred by time, betrayal, people she had been told to trust.

As he etched closer to her slender body, he could hear the beating of her heart rapidly increase, feel her body flush and heat.

Still his eyes, dark, dark like the emptiness of a starless night, but warm with love, never left her’s.

Silence, no sound did they make, his touch upon her cheek, their slight movements, locked gazes on each other gave away it all. As he moved ever close to his love, their bodies melted into one. 

He moved his lips to her’s, brushing them lovingly against her soft, plump lips. Her lips not leaving his, instead pressing hard against his as she closed her eyes, drinking in the intensity of the feelings bubbling up inside her, her arms moving to encompass his waist.

His body began to heat, a sensation he had not felt in almost all his years on this earth. He closed his eyes, his hand laying tenderly on her cheek.

He knew if it could, his heart would be beating wildly at this moment, bursting with love.

It was a kiss of passion, a kiss of love, everything they felt for each other without needing a word.

All to soon he parted his lips from her’s, their breathing jagged. He opened his eyes to see Jayne staring at his with a wide smile, a red glow to her pale cheeks, her eyes wide with loving emotion. He could not help but smile, a twinkle coming to his eyes. He said in a low husky voice, “Be mine Jayne, for now and always.” 

Jayne moved to hug Alex her head resting on his broad shoulder. “Oh Alex.” She said with a slight laugh. “Of course my love is yours as I know yours is mine…”

(Photo © NBC edited by thebigloc-Me)