Dracula Fan Fiction

Jayne’s Scars (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 1 Part Eleven).

Van Helsing took a picture of Jayne he had stolen from Alex’s study. He ripped it in two with anger and put it over the flame of the bunsen burner burning it. ” Well Miss Wetherby. By the time I am finished with you this will be your fate.” He said with a menising tone to his voice and a dark expression over taking his face. “Your order burned my family, a slow agonising death for them.” Tears came to his eyes but he suppressed any more from following. ” So I will give you the same fate Lady Jayne Wetherby.” His expression hardening.”Hence it will be full circle. My family I loved, burned by the order as I watched, watched in terror as two of their members pulled me back. Browning was burning them, so I will be burning Browning’s weakness before him and not just hurting him but weakening Alex whom I control a lot with serum used to have him walk in sunlight. He will then realise he should never go against me. I would have my revenge, burning the whore before the two men who love her most. ” He gave a low but menacing laugh. ” But before the burning in their presence, I will have her raped like the order did to my beautiful wife Helena.”

As the plan formulated in his mind he knew for now he had to act as if he was the one being given the orders and obeying Alex. He could not be seen to be trying to defy Alex’s authority. He had to continue to have Alex’s trust if his plans were to pass without interference or discovery. He knew this was vital, it would be hard especially with the order’s whore in the same building as him for now but he knew the end results would make this task worth while and the end would justify the means. An evil smile crossed his lips and the end of them curled up. He knew he would have to put his plans in motion the very next day. He had no time to lose if he wanted to prevent Alex making Lady Jayne a permanent part of his life, to split them apart, torture Jayne, gain revenge against the order’s Browning and have control over Alexander Grayson whom he knew was Vladimir Tepes, aka Dracula.

It would seem like things would be going full circle, Van Helsing’s family he loved burned by the order as he watched in terror pulled back, now he would do the burning, burning and order the torture of both Browning’s and Alex’s weakness before them.