Dracula Fan Fiction

Jayne’s Scars (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 1 Part Twelve).

Jayne felt sleep take over her body once again and before she knew it she had fallen asleep. She woke about an hour later to find she was still in Alex’s arms. She looked up at him, moved her body and let her lips touch his tenderly for a quick kiss to his lips. “I am not going to act the victim anymore Alex. I am strong, I can fight. I will not let those bastards get away with what they did to me.” She said with a look of pure determination in her eyes. “I am confident, cunning and intelligent. I could run rings around most of the order. They will expect me to stay broken, to be pushed down and no longer able to fight but I am coming out stronger after the hurt they caused me. It has opened my eyes to them more clearly and made me more purpose driven. They will see me and not know I will be plotting against them. They will take me for an ally but within their ranks I will bring hell to their organiation.”

From the look on her face Alex knew Jayne was as strong as ever and healing from the inside out. She may still have scares from what they did but from now on she would be the Jayne of old except around Alex who, she would show her other side too, that of love, tenderness which they would share with each other.

“Well, before you do anything you need to build your strength. I had the food reheated in the stove and it just arrived a few moments before you woke.” Jayne sat up again and closed her eyes. She took in the warm, inviting aromas of the fresh tea and pancakes. She took the tray and put it on her lap. She placed the silver cutlery in her hands and cut the pancakes. She took a piece on her fork and let the soft, thin, batter enter her mouth. As she ate it she let out a sound of approval. “Umm!” She took a few more bites of the pancakes before lifting her tea cup which Alex had filled. The warmth from the cup warming her cold hands and slowly the warmth invaded most of her body. 

Alex looked at Jayne proud of her. He kissed her head. “Just like you. To let this strengthen you rather than break you. You are amazing Jayne a woman with such drive, steel and strength. Just promise me one thing.” Jayne looked at Alex intrigued. “That if you ever find you do not love me, tell me. But if you keep loving me, never let you do not love me pass your lips.” He put a hand to her cheek and held it as she leaned her cheek into the palm of his soft hand. “I have a feeling this journey of yours will have you going back to the lion’s den. I wish it would not but I know nothing can sway your decisions once made. Just be careful if this is what you do and I know from our bond  I will know if you need me. Just as you have been able to share my feelings. A bond only true souls ment for each other can do. But if you are going do not do so yet. Remember we are leaving in three days and you can use that time and the following week to train again.” 

Jayne smiled a little “You know me too well Alexander. I dreaded having to tell you my plan but you worked half of it out for yourself. I know it will be dangerous, that I could get hurt but I have to do this for me and to bring those evil bastards down.” She said pure hatred burning  in her eyes as she spoke of them. “But, my love for you I can tell will get me through this, knowing no matter what I have you waiting for me.”