Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger from The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2, Part 1)

During the day Alexander left Van Helsing alone in the basement. He felt Abraham had to calm down at some point. Alex did not want to see him until he had or he knew he could not contain himself and he would once again attack the doctor but, this time with less restraint. Alex busied himself during the sunlight hours modifying in his office scientific and mathematic calculations for the wireless technology. Going over what he read about Tesla and his extensive work in the field. But, always to the fore of his mind was Jayne. When his thoughts would drift to her, a small smile would creep onto his lips. His pen would drop onto the mahogany desk before him and for several moments he would look out as if hypnotised and nothing nor no one could reach him. “Jayne” would come from his lips in a tone of long, smooth, lustful want.

Jayne was what he wanted most in his existence, why he now fought even harder with those around him, the reason he had defied his business partner Van Helsing’s wishes on more than one occasion of late. She was once his, long in his past, a past where the very order whom he helped strengthen, tore him to the ground rebuilding him in blood lust and darkness. The order who drove him from Janice’s arms, tarring memories from his mind, using witchcraft they claimed to be evil to do so. Janice was here now, reincarnated as Jayne and this time nobody, no spell would take her from his arms.

He was determined to keep her as safe as he could but he knew that would be no easy task. He also knew Jayne had to do some of this for herself as she did not want to be too dependent on anyone. She wanted to show her skills, her ability to look after herself in many situations. After several moments of these thoughts he would get up from his seat, leave his study venturing upstairs to check on Jayne who would be either trying to get some rest, shifting through the rows of books in the smaller upstairs library or doing exercises to strengthen up her body and bring back her pin point fighting precision. Each time he came close to the door of the room she was in, no matter how quietly he walked Jayne would always call out. “Hello Alexander.” As he would enter the room Jayne would greet him with a smile. She usually only stopped doing what she was doing long enough to look up at Alex with a smile. Her eyes showing a little happiness, happiness that had long since left them but now, due to Alex’s care and love returned.

After their mutual glances to each other Jayne would go about what she was doing before but seeing Alex just staring at her in silence Jayne would roll her eyes and smile or let out a slight laugh. “Alexander, I am fine. I do not need to be checked up on. I am not a delicate China doll that needs careful minding and tending to. I am doing a little better, my mind is growing sharp again, my body strengthening. I know you worry.” She would walk over to him putting a hand to his cheek stroking her thumb upon it. “If I need you I will call out or go to you.” She would place a gentle kiss to his opposite cheek. “Now go, get some work done or Mr. Renfield will not be pleased.” Alex would give a slight nod. “You do know…” Before he would finish Jayne would put a finger to his lips. “I know you do, and I feel the same for you.” Alex would place a short, sweet kiss to her lips before backing out of the room and closing the door behind him, leaving Jayne alone, his love with her, and her’s with him.

Jayne would go back to what she was doing but with a smile on her face. Even though she thought Alex’s attentions to her well being were over the top in a way it comforted her. It showed his care for her, his worry, his love. It made Jayne feel Alex genuinely was looking out for her as he cared for her, not because he needed her safe to accomplish plans the way the order had with her. It brought a warmth to her body and a sense of belonging in a strange way, she had not felt like this ever in the order and the feeling was making her feel a little nervous inside as it brought happiness to her. A happiness she was afraid of losing or getting snatched from her. Apart of her also felt she did not deserve this happiness. The message drummed into her since her young teens from Browing made her feel this way. “Happiness in love is a trap, one designed to make you lower your guard, your senses become less heightened, it weakens you until one day you wake up a shadow of yourself, used and the person who promised you the world gone. Gone with your strength, your power of identity and individuality. Happiness is like love, a game for the fools.”

Jayne had once thought love was the moon, bright, wondrous awe encompassing, something that brought with it from the right person a feeling so pure, so magical it would feel like nervous warmth trying to escape her chest as her heart was not big enough to contain it. She thought it would make her feel free, light, feel like a child on Christmas morning or dancing under falling snow. Something that only the lucky experienced, that came when someone gave you that feeling as you shared it with him. A mutual respect, trust, love, the feeling of belonging and not being whole without that other person. She dreamed as if the feelings came from experience, something in her past she had once had but, she did pin point that before her parents died her heart seemed attached to a shadowy figure, it’s rate quickening on the shadow passing near, warmth invading her chest and her eyes fixing on the figuring as it would pass. She never knew it was her heart calling out to its other half on that night, her soul calling to its partner it recognised even though in this life time they had not meet, they had when Jayne in her first life was Janice, Vladimir Tepes’ first and true love.

Alex who was Vladimir always knew from the moment Jayne was born his Janice was alive again. It was as if from inside his sealed coffin his body still lived, and when he exited that tomb he knew his soul was wandering but it was not until the night he first set eyes on Jayne in this late 19th century that his memories of Janice wiped by black magic came flooding back to his mind. It completely floored him and he wondered if his mind was playing tricks on him but in time he knew it could not be. It was Janice he loved on seeing Jayne, but now, on knowing Jayne more it was Jayne he wanted not because she was once Janice but because he had grown to love her differences from her past and fall even deeper under her spell of love. It was as if before he set eyes on Jayne every part of him except his brain knew of Janice and it was why he had fought so hard to survive.