Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger from The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2, Part 2)

Jenkins was still worried about his mistress Jayne. It had been four days since Alex had called on her behalf and Jayne had spoken to him briefly. She did not sound too good but he knew in his heart Alex was genuinely caring for her. This, gave the old man some comfort. He had been given the telephone number of Alex’s Birmingham manor but to use in only a situation of dire emergency. It was not to be written down encase the order could somehow get hold of it. He was on tender hooks. With each knock to Lady Jayne’s London manor door it made him jump a little and his heart race rapidly. Lady Jayne had, over the years become like a daughter to him and he wanted more than anything to see her protected from harm.

Each knock brought new fear to Jenkins encase it was the order again enquiring about Jayne’s whereabouts. The last time they came he had told them he had no idea where Lady Jayne had gone, only that she was going away for a few days needing time alone before returning to the city. It was now over two weeks since Lady Jayne had left and Jenkins felt unsettled by the fact no one from the Order Of The Dragon had come to see if Jayne had returned. By not coming he knew the order must be planning something big as there is no way they would tolerate their best fighter being away from the city this long.

Jenkins knew to contact Jayne he would try not to use the telephone in the hallway but the first public telephone that had opened on Coleman street in 1879. He had a plan, he would use when calling Alex to speak to Jayne a nickname only she would know and possibly Alex that way, if the order did follow him and find out he made a call they would be told it was not Jayne he called but Janice, a name Jayne was called as for some reason since a young girl it had been her favourite name. ( it was her name in the past with Vladimir) Jayne had only told her mother who was now dead, God rest her soul and Jenkins about that name.

Brooke street in the posh West area of London would be a half hour journey by motor car to Coleman Street south of the river Thames. If he was stuck, he could get there by the horse and cabs that frequented the city. It would be a long journey for Jenkins but he knew, if it came to it he would make it to keep Lady Jayne safer. Each night he prayed Jayne would stay safe and so would he from the wrath of the Order. He even prayed each time a knock came to Jayne’s manor door. If the Order ever found out Jayne was not gone away for a break but was with Alexander Grayson Jenkins knew he and Lady Jayne would face the wrath of the Order.

(Brook Street is where Jayne’s town manor is in west London in Mayfair a posh area of London, near the Royal Academy of Arts. 20minutes by carriage to the Royal Opera House and 16minutes from Covent Garden.) 

Meanwhile in the Order’s lair.

Browning was not happy, his mood was volatile and his expression that of evil. He sat on what looked like a throne in the Order council chamber his legs crossed and his hand in a fist to his jaw, his other on an arm of the throne. After a couple of moments Lord Davenport entered the chamber. Browning opened his eyes wider and began to stand. “WELL?! HAVE YOU FOUND OUT WHERE JAYNE IS?” Lord Davenport looked a little scared and it showed in his tone as he stuttered a little as he spoke. “Well… Am, we had pe… pe… people scouring the suburbs even Watford in the east end. We have men as far away as Southhampton and heading into Oxfordshire looking for her.”  Browning sat back down and said in a surprisingly calm tone. “So, Jayne has not been found yet and has not shown up anywhere publicly?” Lord Davenport shook his head. “I am afraid not…” Browning inhaled deeply and began to snarl, he formed a fist with his right hand and slammed it on the arm of his throne, it gave a loud noise that echoed through the empty chamber before he got up and shouted. “DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING? COME UP WITH ALL THE PLANS?” Lord Davenport looked upset, more scared and backed away a little. “No…” Browning got up. “HAVE JENKINS HER MAN SERVANT WATCHED. EVERY MOVE HE MAKES OUTSIDE OF LADY JAYNE’S MANOR I WANT IT REPORTED TO ME IMMEDIATELY. WE WILL SEE IF HE IS AS CLUELESS AN OLD FOOL AS HE LETS ON.” Lord Davenport nodded. ” OF Course Mister Browning. I will inform the other council members.” “No Lord Davenport” Browning got up and walked towards the trembling man. “I will write to them personally and seal it with the crest from my order ring. I want all members to meet here tonight to discuss our plans and Lady Jayne.” A smug smile crossed his face and his eyes widened more. He clasped his hands together. “WE WILL FIND JAYNE, AND SEE IF SHE IS STILL ON OUR SIDE AS JENKINS HAS SAID, THAT HER TIME AWAY WAS SIMPLY JUST A REST OR IF SHE HAS RUN OUT ON US FOR GOOD WHICH IS A CRIME PUNISHABLE BY DEATH. SHE MAYBE OUR BEST HUNTER BUT EVEN SHE IS NOT IMMUNE FROM OUR LAWS. SHE IS MINE, AND I HOPE TO GOD SHE HAS REMEMBERED THAT I OWN HER, BODY AND HEART. THAT WHATEVER SHE DOES REFLECTS ON ME. HER MAIN DECISIONS IN LIFE HAVE TO GO BY THE ORDER LAWS AND MINE.”
Browning was seething with rage. He could tolerate Jayne being away a week, but now, this was just insulting. Lady Jayne was making a mockery of him, making him look a fool. He had thought the lessons the council taught her might have brought her back into line but now he was not so sure. He was leader of the London branch of the Order Of The Dragon and Jayne being seen to defy his authority was making him look weak, vulnerable and this could in time he feared lead to challenges by others to his leadership. He had a lot riding on Jayne being an obedient member of the order. But, also deep inside in his sick, twisted way, despite being married and having two children it was Jayne he loved and the thought that crossed his mind of her now possibly being with another man filled him with rage and jealousy.