Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon ( Dracula Fan Fiction Chapter 2, Part 3)

It hurt Browning having to have Jayne punished but he knew it had to be done. The first time he had to have her punished by other members of the order he felt a twinge of hurt in his heart. From the next room to where she was he had heard her cry out. She had not expected to be punished so when the two order men grabbed her, held her down tying her to the four poster bed in the order guest suite she had put up little fight. The next thing she knew was one of the men rubbing her cheek with the back of his hand, kissing along her jaw and looking at her with a smug smile as if he was undressing her with his eyes. Jayne knew what must be coming and she narrowed her eyes, spitting in Lord Green’s face. He then slapped her hard across the cheek. “You are in for it now you bitch, you will learn to obey the high council” He ripped open her shirt, pulled up her skirts as she struggled. She bit his ear making it bleed and he slapped her face but this time harder, so hard for a few seconds her vision went blurry and she felt dizzy. In those few seconds Lord Green undid his pants and before Jayne could fight him off he pushed inside her and as she felt him large inside her she let out a cry of pain and as she struggled. He was so rough with the then teenage Jayne he ripped her a little inside making her bleed. She held back tears that threatened to fill her eyes. She closed her eyes and tried to not show that they were beating her in spirit, in mind, in soul. In was in that moment she began to grown her hard skin, her heart covering with a layer of stone and her sweet, loving aspect in life slipping away. He ploughed into her over and over grunting hard, his body growing with sweat brushing against her’s. Groans escaped Jayne despite her lips remaining closed tight.

As Lord Green began to reach his peak his body rubbed against her’s quicker and he pushed harder inside her. As he came he let out a high cry and his heavy breath blew in Jayne’s ear before he rolled off her. Jayne was holding in cries of pain. She then just lay there wanting to shake but her body felt numb. Her spirit draining from her, her natural sparkle fading. She closed her eyes tighter to try and forget the ordeal but as she opened her eyes she felt another pain from below as another order member mounted her as if she was a dog in heat. She was already hurting below and bleeding, blood on the sheets but that did not stop Lord Rothcroft having his much eagerly awaited turn to have Jayne as his. All the while Browning could not take it, he put his hands to his ear and closed his eyes for several moments. The thoughts of other men having their way with Jayne was killing him a little inside but he knew it was the only way Jayne could be made see she had to obey Browning completely. He knew it had to be done, despite his love for the teenager.

After forty minutes Browning heard the door to the suite next door open and slam shut. He waited a moment before leaving the study and entering the room. As he entered he saw Jayne, naked on the bed, blood under her middle and upper thighs, she was curled up like a little child scared during a thunder storm. Her body began to shake, her hands around her knees that were tucked up to her chest. He walked over to her and she never looked up. She just stared into space as if in a little world of her own. He sat on the bed and took Jayne in his arms, she made no response. She remained silent, shaking and a shadow of the outspoken, bubbly Jayne that liked to flaunt some of the authority that ruled over her. ” You Know Jayne” Browing said in a low tone as he stroked her hair and kissed the side of her forehead. “You have to obey the rules here, everyone must. We all must put our own life second to that of the order. Anyone who disobeys this must face the consequences. I do not make the rules, I just enact them.”

Silent tears rolled down Jayne’s cheeks and it was in that moment Jayne, aged 16 decided to not just be a fighter but a hunts woman, the best hunts person in Europe. It was her way of learning how to protect herself and distract, suppress from herself the horrors that had just befallen her. She knew then she had to try to obey the order. They were her only family now, she had nowhere else to go. She would have to wait, bide her time, be as loyal a member as she could, rise through the order ranks, be an accomplished hunts woman killing many vampires, suck up to the Order leader Browning, make her wealth. She would make herself the highlight of London for men, for women to envy, become so imprortant to the order that if she left it would hurt them especially Browning. She knew one day she would have to try to flee the order despite the fact it could mean her death. 

Over 15 years later Jayne had rose to become the head of the vampire hunter division in the London Order. It was a job she had come to love, it was a part of her, what defined her in many ways. She also loved the fact she could take her hatred of Browning and the order members and use it to hone her hunting skills more. Sometimes as she struck the mortal blow to a vampire with her father’s sword she pictured Browning’s head on the vampire’s body. Jayne had become extremely wealthy from shares her father left her in trust, in his will, shares from her vey much absenti husband Lord Wetherby whom the order made her marry for their benefit. She was also rich from blackmailing men, wise investments, a little gambling. She was the woman in London most women wished to be. She was of such beauty many likened her to the goddess Aphrodite. She was highly intelligent& schooled, of a cunning nature. This all showed an air of confidence, poise, grace, style, self assurance, wealth and a city full of men wished she was theirs. Jayne had a lavish lifestyle and to a high degree she was respected by the order, her being its sole high ranking female member. She had with extreme practise risen to become the best vampire hunter in Europe, she was more than valuably to the order and she knew she held a few chips she could bargain with. Yet, despite it all she had on occasion still received punishment from the order high council. These punishments  became more prevalent as Browning discovered Jayne maybe falling for one very important man they had asked her to pry secrets from so, in time the order could blackmail him. Her feelings became evident to the Browning when she refused to continue the plans to weaken him. That man being, Alexander Grayson.