Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction Chapter 2, Part 4)

Browning sat in the order chamber alone, his anger consuming him. He got up pasing back and forth in the chamber his hands clasped behind his back. With each passing minute, each second his anger grew. He began to remember when Jayne was his completely. Her body, mind, soul and he believed her heart. She was submissive to his demands, his want for her no the needs of her to, when necessary seduce men when her charm, beauty and body until they let secrets the order needed pass their lips for Jayne’s alert ears to hers. Jayne had been his, he felt he owned her since he took her under his wing and into the order when her father an order member died. He had seen before her parents died that Jayne had in those months began to grow into such a beauty and older looking she turned heads of men wherever she went. She was intelligent beyond her years, good at fencing, hand to hand combat her father insisted she had learned for protecting herself. Despite her parents wealth Jayne had not grown spoilt but eager to please those she felt in authority and show her smile to the world. Browning had fallen hard for the teenage Jayne and was determined to have her join The Order Of The Dragon. When Browning learned her father Sir Power was secretly planning to get his wife and daughter Jayne away from London as to stop Jayne becoming a puppet for the order. Browning knew the only way to keep hold of Jayne now and have her not despise the order was to have her parents murdered and in such a way Jayne would come to Browning for comfort not knowing he was responsible for it all. Jayne’s father had signed a watertight agreement after Jayne was born that if anything happened her parents and they died before her sixteenth birthday Browning would be her soul guardian. Sir Power had in the last year began to at times ask why the order was taking certain paths in its course for more power and wealth. It looked as if his agreements with the order were shaking, Browning due to this had in last month begun to bribe Sir Powers butler Jenkins into revealing any plans Sir Power may have to leave London or send his daughter away.

After Jenkins told of the plans to Lord Davenport of Sir Power having plans in place to,have his wife and daughter flee London in secret he felt a pang of guilt in his heart. There was a niggling doubt in his mind over if he had done the right thing or not. He felt like Judas, he had betrayed his master for thirty pieces of silver, in this case £1,000. In the days that followed when he learned of his master and mistresses death but the survival of Jayne and Browning being her guardian the pieces slipped into place for Jenkins. It was in those moments he realised what he had helped happen to her parents and he vowed from then on to try and protect her, stay as her butler, her only true protector as he believed in this world. He felt the money from the order he received for his information on his master and mistress God rest their souls was tainted now so he put it in a secret account to use if he or his mistress ever needed to flee London on short notice.

What Jenkins could not have know then is, he was now not Jayne’s only protector in London. On the night of her parent’s murder another figure had come from the shadows to ensure her safety. That man or cratered as some would call him was a vampire but unknown to other he was Dracula, forged by the order into this being of night all as he refused to continuing playing their games of horror on people just for wealth and power.