Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2, Part 5)

“Alex!” Jayne called out later that evening. “Alexander Grayson” Her voice sounding closer now as she walked down the long hallway to his study. Her high heels clicking and their sound echoing loudly. She did not knock on the study door but walked right in. She saw Alex leaned against the wall looking out the window into the darkness but every now and then looking down at something in his hand. A smile then would creep to the sides of his lips. Alex turned around as he sensed Jayne putting his pocket watch in his inside jacket pocket. “What was the object you hid away?” She asked making sure her eyes stayed fixed on Alex’s so she could read if he was telling her the truth. “It is just my pocket watch.” He stood starring at Jayne. Jayne moved closer to Alex her hips moving seductively. She put her lips close to his left ear but made sure her body was almost, but not touching his. “Then why did it make you smile?” She whispered as she let her right hand move across the shirt on Alex’s chest to the inside of his jacket. As she put her hand inside Alex’s inside jacket pocket Alex grabbed her hand to stop her, “It is my pocket watch Jayne.” Jayne moved closer to Alex and let her body touch his. She brushed her lips against the corner of Alex’s lips, put a hand around his back and let it slide down to rest on his right bum cheek. Alex let her hand go and was swept away in Jayne. “Jayne slowly took the watch from Alex’s pocket and moved away from Alex. She turned around and opened the watch. It was 18 cart gold, on one side it had a white clock face, the numbers and hands in a gold colour. As she looked at the other side there was a photo. Jayne was stunned and she turned, the watch in her hands.

Jayne looked up at Alex but could not find her voice to speak. She never did find herself speechess much. A single tear rolled down her cheek. Alex nodded and walked to Jayne taking her hands and the watch in it. “I love you Jayne. When you are not here you are as you see always close to me.” Jayne spoke. “I am so touched Alex.” She put one of her hands to his cheek. “But, but?” He finished her sentence. “Why did I put your photo here?” I love you Jayne, that you must know. I wanted to have a reminder of you with me always. When I feel disheartened I look at it, when I feel angry or frustrated or if I just want to see your face and you are not here I look at it.” Alex wiped the tear from her cheek with his thumb. Jayne was coming across as emotion filled, her heart being touched and more human now she was with Alex. It was her without realising it letting more of her guard down around him. As they looked into each other’s eyes, a knowing look past between them. The tension in the room began to build. Alex let his hands slip around Jayne’s waist pulling her body close to his, her heart beat beginning to quicken, their eyes fixed on each other’s. Jayne letting a small smile show on her lips as her cheeks began to blush. But, all too soon their moment was interrupted by a knock to the study door. Alex was annoyed by this interruption. He whispered to Jayne. “Let it knock a few times, whoever it is will then give up thinking I am not here. I am not in the mood for more interruptions or work this evening.”

Jayne pretended to be offended and showed a look of offence. She whispered close to his ear. “So, I am an interruption am I?” She rose a brow. “Alex knew Jayne almost better than she knew herself and he could feel her emotions. “Now is not the time for jokes. Besides, you are always a welcome interruption.” The door knocked again as Jayne tried to stifle a light laugh, but did not quiet succeed. The knocking now became louder, longer and non stop. The German voice of Dr. Van Helsing now ringing out. “I know you are in their Alexander and by the sounds of the feminine laugh Lady Wetherby must be inside with you.” Alex rolled his eyes and reluctantly let go of Jayne. Jayne moved a few steps and sat on the seat to one side of Alex’s desk. She proper her head up with her hand, her elbow on the mahogany desk. Her head now turned sideways towards the door. Alex opened the door and gave a low grown. “What do you want Dr. Van Helsing?” He said with a look that conveyed he was not too pleased with the doctor. “Is that anyway to speak to your friend?  The least you could do is ask me in and inquire about my reasons to see you.” Dr. Van Helsing looked so smug and loved the fact in this moment he could wind up Alexander and Alexander could not react as Lady Wetherby was watching his every move at this moment. He knew, Lady Wetherby had no idea whom Alex really was and Alex had to keep his cool now so she did not find out.

“Won’t you please come into my study Dr. Van Helsing. Take a seat by the window? We can converse more openly in here.” Alex said trying to sound polite but it was a struggle. The only two things that could stop him grabbing Van Helsing by his tie, pulling it so tight he would lose consciousness was; having a stiff drink and the the fact Jayne was still in the room.  Alex went his drinks cabinet, his back now to Van Helsing. He pulled out a frosted whiskey glass, unplugged his decanter and poured himself an Irish whiskey. He drank the whiskey in one and poured himself a second glass caressing it in his hands a moment before turning around. 
As Alex was pouring himself a drink, Van Helsing went to Jayne and bowed. “Lady Wetherby, a pleasure to see you again.” He took her right hand placing a light kiss to the back of it before looking at her now, bright face which was a contrast to the gaunt, grey look it had when she first came to stay at Alex’s Birmingham manor. Van Helsing knew Jayne knew him and he had no idea if she had told Alex this or not. Alex knew Van Helsing had developed a serum for the order, Alex had insisted Van Helsing kept up that promise to the order so as to keep the doctor safer from any suspicion he was against them. 

Jayne felt a little uneasy in Van Helsing’s company and did not fully trust him as she knew he had worked for the order on serums and medicines in the past. She was not sure if he knew of the order or not. She was not sure either how to perceive him. She knew Dr. Van Helsing knew of her connection to Mister Browning who was known to be a very influential and powerful man in London. What if the Dr. knew of how close to the top of the order she had become in past few years, if he knew of her work as a vampire hunter? What if he did and used this to blackmail her. Jayne had never let slip to Alex what exactly her work at the order entailed, or what level she was ranked in the order. She had a pit in her stomach now that if Alex knew this he might have thought twice about bringing her away to safety.

Alex could feel Jayne’s uneasy but he did not know the depths of it. To easy her tension and uneasy a little Alex went to Jayne and took her by the hand gently helping her up. “I will return to you in a moment Dr. van Helsing, I will first escort the guest to the dinning room, it must be super time.” Van Helsing nodded. Alex held Jayne’s had and took her from the study and down the echo hallway. “I know it must be a shock seeing Dr. Van Helsing again.” Alex stooped and stood before Jayne, he took her hands in his. “He told me he did work for Mister Browning before on a few occasions. You may think he will betray your whereabouts but trust me he will not. Nor will he reveal about you and me, the feelings we have for each other.” Jayne sighed heavily. “How can you be sure Alexander.” “Trust me Jayne, I have known the Dr for years and if I thought he would betray you he would not be breathing.” He rubbed Jayne’s hands. “You know as well as I do if anyone refuses Browning they end up in trouble like you and I. So far Browning has no clue I am connected the the Dr. or that I know him.” He lifted Jayne’s hands kissing them.” Alex’s words comforted Jayne a bit but she was still a little upset on seeing the Dr. again. Alex escorted Jayne to the dinning room where super was just beginning to be served. Renfield had just sat down to dine. “I will leave you in the capable hands of Mister Renfield, you will be quiet safe here. Not that you need looking after, from what I saw today you can handle yourself quiet well.” He took out a chair and Jayne sat. “I will be back as soon as my little meeting with Dr. Van Helsing is done. If I am not save some medium rare beef for me.” Jayne nodded. Alex then went over to Renfield and whispered. “Seeing the Dr. again has somehow upset Jayne. I think there is more to their connection than meets the eye and I think it is to do with Van Helsing’s medical packages to the order and Jayne’s role in the order she has yet to divulge completely to me. Watch her, she seems on edge.” Renfield nodded. Alex smiled and left the dinning room heading quickly to his study.

As Alex entered his study he closed the door behind him noisily and turned walking to his desk and sitting behind it. He looked over at Van Helsing with a serious look on his face. “Dr. Van Helsing. I hope you are here to apologise for your earlier words about my guest, otherwise I see little reason for you to be standing in my study.” It took all of Van Helsing’s strength not to try to hurt Alex with the secret crucifix dagger he concealed by strapping it against his lower abdominal but he held his composure. “Actually, Alexander I am here to broker a truce between us.” Alex sat up straighter in his chair intrigued. “Go on Dr. you have my attention.” “I will not speak out against your guest…” Alex interrupted ” Lady Jayne Wetherby.” Van Helsing continued. ” Yes, Lady Wetherby.” The words almost caught in his throat like when some one eats something that tastes foul. “I will be civil to her as I was a few moments ago and be open minded about her presence here. I realise she has had some sort of trauma befall her. If you feel she is trustworthy I will take your judgement.” Alex eyed Van Helsing suspiciously. “You really mean this Abraham? Or are you just saying it to bring our plans for the machine forward?” Alex looked at him for serval moments trying to read the Dr’s body and facial language but his face held a stoney expression like a veterinarian poker player’s would. He knew for Jayne’s sake he could not be quarreling more with Van Helsing. Despite a niggling doubt he agreed to the truce. “For the moment Abraham I will take your words, but, if I find you are lying…” “Alexander, I can assure you I will be polite to the guest. I will give her a chance as you say she is genuinely on your side.” Alex nodded “Oh and one final thing before you leave Abraham.” Van Helsing rose a brow. “What is it?” “Call me Mr. Grayson not Alexander.” Van Helsing pinned a fake smile to his face and left the study. He felt the foundations for his plan were beginning to take shape. He had for now Alexander believing in his words that he would trust the whore Jayne. But, he would underneath it all be plotting to rip Jayne and Alex apart.