Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2 Part 6)

Browing called the trusted and eager Daniel Davenport to the council chamber. Daniel the son of council member Lord Davenport was in the building late this evening brushing up on his fencing technique with a few pointers from Lord Lorent. As he received the notice of Browning wishing to see him Daniel went to his father’s suite in the building and changed quickly into proper attire. He then walked swiftly to the council chambers knocking on the door. “Do come in if it is you Master Davenport” Browning said in a loud booming voice. Daniel walked inside closing the door behind him. With a quick pace he came to Browning bowing before him, taking his hand and kissing the order ring. “You may rise Master Davenport.” Daniel rose to face Browning unsure of why he was being summoned. “I need you to transcribe a message I shall give you. I need twelve copies of it written out at once. I would ask one of the usual clerks but, this is a matter of secrecy. You are old enough to be trusted with this responsibility and you have proven your loyalty to this, organisation in the past. I am trusting you to not alone write these letters for me to seal but to deliver them at once. I want no one outside of you, the council members and myself to know the contents of the letter. Tell the recipient on getting the letter their presence is mandatory here tonight. Not even sickness will be tolerated as an excuse for non attendance.

Browning went to his private study. He shut the door behind him and sighed heavily. He went to his drinks cabinet and poured himself some Irish Whiskey. He sat at his desk and with one hand took a photo frame from on his desk. The photo inside it was one of Jayne. “Oh Jayne, what have you done? What are you doing to me? You know I love you, you, you used to be just mine.” His face now showing a scowl. “Until that damn Mister Grayson got to you, inside your head.” He put the picture frame down on his desk once again but turned it around so he would not see Jayne’s face. He opened his top desk drawer and took out a bundle of papers. He then called Master Daniel Davenport to his study by the unusually approach of calling out for him. There was no time for strict protocol at this late and urgent time. 

Fast footsteps could be heard echoing through out the hallway that contained Mister Browning’s study. The footsteps getting louder by the second. In less than a minute the handle to the study was pressed down, the heavy green door opening to reveal Master Davenport. He closed the door behind him and looked at Mister Browning with worry as he caught his breath. Mister Browning extended his hand indicating to master Master Davenport to take a seat in front of the large mahogany desk, Master Davenport sat. 

“Now Daniel, take the paper, pen and ink before you. “I believe you know where each of the council member’s live.” Daniel nodded. “Of course sir.” “Good then.” Daniel dipped his pen in the ink well and put a page of parchment before him. He had the ink pen’s tip almost to the parchment, waiting for Browning to begin.

“Council member, your council chairman Mister Browning has called an urgent meeting which is to take place at midnight in the council chambers. It is in regards to a certain person’s extended absence from our company of late and the action we are to take over it. Your presence is mandatory and any member who fails to show up at the meeting will face the council’s wrath.” Browning paused a moment and looked at Daniel whose head was down looking at the parchment awaiting further instructions. 
“End it in the usual council manner. When you are done I will sign the end of each note and seal it with the order crest.” Browning then watched as Daniel began to copy the note. He could see the dedication in the young man’s manner but also a slither of fear in his eyes. A fear Browning knew each member of the order harboured encase their efforts or choices in life may land them in peril with the organisation.