Light and Dark

Light of life, dark of night. Fog surrounding our mind and soul.

Coldness and chill creep upon us until sunshine appears to warm the soul. 

The heat on our skin, the brightening of colour so muted before, dull, uninspiring, crippling us from the outside in.

Sun touching us like a friendly hand to hold, enveloping us in a hallow like glow.

 Goodness and cheer follow us home creating a world we rarely know.

But all too soon the clouds gather in plain sight, unashamed, basking in their task of hiding the sun.

All too soon the briefness of light, warmth, perception of new crumble bringing forth darkness to accompany us once more.

The memories of the glorious colours of bright fade, to be replaced by shivering iciness, blandness all around. 

The glowing heat now a distant dream, but, can it ever return, on yet another, but much longer journey to our soul?


Light fadding into the dark
Clouds of darkness rolling over the light