Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger from The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2 Part 7)

As each letter was written Browning took it from Master Davenport, he signed it with his signature then folded the letter in three. He did not use envelopes for the letters for he felt it would waste valuable time putting each in an envelope, placing names and address already known to Master Davenport on them. Using the red hot wax he poured it put over the end of the third fold of the parchment, he pressed his order ring crest side into it thus sealing the letter. On each letter above the seal he got Master Davenport to write, burn after contents read. When the task was done Bowning smiled. “Off to it Master Davenport.” He rose before Mister Browning who looked very imposing with his black Italian suit, purple order sachet with gold and red around the edges. He went to Mister Browning who stretched out his hand, the young man kissing his order ring. He then rose collecting all the letters. “Use the order carriage parked to the front of the building Master Davenport.” Mister Browning said. “That way we know the right people will receive the letters.” Daniel nodded and left the study quickly closing the door behind him. 

“Lady Wetherby?” Renfield enquired a little concern etched in his tone. “You have hardly touched your food. Are you feeling quite alright or should I fetch a doctor? You do look a little pale if you do not mind me saying.” On hearing the word doctor Jayne looked up feeling a little panicked. ” No, no, I am perfectly alright physically I can assure you. It is just… just…” She let out a sigh. “Yes, Lady Wetherby.” “I am wondering what is taking Alexander so long. His sudden meeting with Dr. Van Helsing should be concluded by now, and” She lied to cover up suspicion of her worry about Dr. Van Helsing who knew secrets about her she has not divulged to Alexander. “I wonder is he avoiding me.” She looked down. Renfield stretched out his arm and patted her hand in reassurance. “Mister Grayson cares for you deeply. Any fool can tell you that by the way he looks at you, the way he wants you happy even at his own cost, I have never seen Mister Grayson care for another as he does you and…” Jayne lifted her head and let a sweet smile come to her face which now contained blushing cheeks. Before Renfield could finish they heard footsteps approaching the dinning room. Alexander entered the dinning room taking a seat at the top of the large wooden dinning table with marble top. A young Irish maid with pale skin, flaming red hair entered the dinning room placing a plate before Alexander of rare beef slices with the blood oozing out of it, boiled potatoes, broccoli, spinach and the juices from the beef mixed with a beef flavoured spice cube. The maid then curtsied before her master and left the room. Alex poured himself a glass of French Merlot before placing his napkin on his lap. He then impulsively took Jayne’s right hand in his placing a short but tender kiss to it before letting it go. The look that passed between them both was one of mutual affection, love. A look that did not escape Renfield’s attention. From what Alexander had told Renfield he knew this affection was more than love and something Dr. Van Helsing did not entirely approve of. Renfield knew deep inside the doctor was as stubborn as Alexander and if pushed either could betray the other with devastating consequences.

As Alexander took a piece of the bloodied meat in his mouth, the taste, smell, and sensation of the blood from the meat running down his throat made him close his eyes for a few seconds as he savioured the pleasure of blood invading his body once again. He was disjointed from what was going on around him until he heard Jayne speak. “Alexander? Are you quiet alright?” He opened his eyes and looked to his left to see Jayne looking concerned. “You have not heard a word I just said have you?” Alexander smiled. “I did hear you call my name with that smooth, elegant tone of yours Jayne.” He let out a chuckle and moved his head close to Jayne and whispered. “and such a sexy tone it is.” “So you did not hear what I said.” she rose a brow and took a few bites of the beef before her and a sip of the Merlot. “You seemed distracted.” “Just a little but nothing important.” She decided to fish for information on Dr. Van Helsing. “So, your meeting with Dr. Van Helsing has you distracted then has it?” Alexander knew she was fishing for information and he smiled. “Actually, it is not him who had me distanced but the same person as earlier.” Jayne rose a brow. “Oh really?” Renfield made a noise of clearing his throat and Alexander looked over at him.

“Mister Grayson, how are the plans going for your trip to Oxford in three nights time?” “Actually, Mister Renfield I have had to change those plans.” Jayne stopped eating and put her cutlery down. “I got word this evening from a friend that Oxford has played host to some acquaintances of Lady Wetherby over the last few days so I think it unwise for us to relocate there. I was…” He looked over at Jayne. “Going to wait until after dinner to tell you Lady Wetherby, I felt it was not the sort of news that should be talked of over dinner.”  “So, Alexander, where shall we be traveling to, if we do leave the manor here in Birmingham?” Jayne’s heart began to beat a little faster and Alexander could hear it ringing in his ears. “I was thinking Edinburgh but, that seems too far away. It would be an over night trip. Or we could go to Derbyshire. I have a few friends there who would gladly let me stay a week or so at their manors. There is Chapsworth or Blenam palace. You would like Derbyshire, great mountain country and countryside. It would be less than a days carriage ride from here.” Jayne spoke. “Both sound good, but, the further away from the order I am for now, the safer I will feel. But, I wish there was someway we could let Jenkins know of our plans. I know he worries for me so. I worry for him. If I am not back in less than two weeks I fear the order will take him before the council and…” She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. She then downed the contents of her wine glass in one long slug before placing it back down on the marble table top.  “If it puts your mind at ease I will travel to London tonight. It is best if Jenkins is not expecting me so he has less hidden from the order. I will tell him of our plans and while I prepare to go you can write a letter to the order. Something about you apologising for your delayed absence  but you got ill on your journey away, you caught a fever and were unconscious could not write but you will return in a forthright once you have recovered. Before that time I will return to London alone. Then they will have to believe you were not with me.” Jayne half smiled praying that the plans would all come together, Jenkins would be safe, the order would not suspect she had been with Alexander during her absence and they would trust in her again so she could begin her plans against them.