Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger from The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2 Part 8)

Master Daniel Davenport was happy that the carriage was waiting for him outside the order headquarters as the temperature had dropped and the rain began to suddenly fall heavy as he   left the building. He let out a sigh as he looked down at the sealed letters in his hands, his breath could be seen before him due to the frost now in the spring air. He felt a twinge of sympathy for Lady Jayne Wetherby. He knew she was the order member unnamed in the letters he transcribed. The order did not know for sure she had left them. He knew she was a prized asset to them and Daniel realised why they were worried for her absence. Without Lady Jayne Wetherby their chances of sniffing out whoever it was that was terrorising them and either blackmailing or killing him/her/them was seriously deminised. He had over heard lately when Mister Browning visited his father that they were worried about Lady Wetherby and her new found disobedience when it came to not giving up on a part of their latest plan Browning had insisted she relinquish. Daniel saw this as Lady Wetherby just doing her usual. That was, not wanting to be seen as weak in anyway. Her not wanting to give up on part of a plan she was tasked with undertaking as it could leave her feelings as if a weakeness had opened up inside her tight armour and others could see it as an opportunity to use it against her. Even to topple her from her high position in the order. 
Daniel did not know what this task was, he had also no idea about the brutal way in which the order treated Lady Wetherby in the past to keep her in line or of what her true job in the order was. He was not privy to the knowledge that vampires once again stalked the streets of his beloved city or how naive he was about the real inner workings of the order. But, now, on seeing the words in the letter he had copied on Brownings orders he began to grow a little fearfully and wondered what Browning could mean by action to be taken over her extended absence and why the meeting was to happen almost immediately with members to be punished for non attendance. Daniel got into the carriage and looked at the first letter which was addressed to Lord Rothcroft who lived only a few streets away from Carfax Manor where Mister Alexander Grayson the American business man lives on Gloucester Road. 

Glouchester Road and Camden Road were near Kensington place, Royal Albert Hll which opened in 1886, Science Museum known now as the Victoria and Albert museum along with History Museum which came into existence in1857 under one roof not as separate buildings.  A museum was founded in 1857 under Bennet Woodcroft. Royal Society of Arts and surplus items from the Great Exhibition as part of the South Kensington Museum.  It included a collection of machinery that from 1858 became known as the Museum of Patents and the Patent Office Museumin 1863. This collection contained many of the most famous exhibits of what is now the Science Museum. In 1883, the contents of the Patent Office Museum were transferred to the South Kensington Museum. In 1885, the it was renamed the Science Museum. The Art Collections were renamed the Art Museum, which eventually became the Victoria and Albert museum.

It was the great exhibition of 1851 which made Kensington a place for the affluent and high in society to come to live and the area prospered greatly. The exhibition showcased items of culture and technology which is what drew Alexander there in 1881 as well as the National History museum. As a man Alex knew the order were keeping an eye on. The Royal Albert Hall named after Queen Victoria’s husband was opened March 29th 1871. The History Museum opened as a separate entity in 1881. South Kengsington was the place to be for Alexander. The Kensington palace was first built in 1605 as a two storey building but extended during the century. It was set in Kensington gardens. From during this century the Royal family in England used it as a residence.

As Daniel stepped into the carriage and closed the door firmly he leaned his head out the carriage window “Driver, our first stop is… Lord Rothcroft’s manor in West London, South Kensington, Campden Hill Road, the far end please. He then sat back down closing his eyes a moment as he waited for the carriage to ride towards their destination more than 50minutes carriage ride away. Even though it was not the closest member of the order to the headquarters Daniel wanted to go there first as Lord Rothcroft was the oldest surviving senior member of the order and the most temperamental after Browning. Also with a meeting as important as this he would expect to be told first if possible.

As the carriage went through Wimbledon on and grew closer to Kensington passing through Wimbledon coming sour side, onto Putney Heath, into the area of Roehampton, into Barnes, Barnes Common over Beverly Brooke, into Castlenau Road, then onto Hammersmith suspension bridhge which goes over the river Thames. It was built in 1827 but was fixed three times last time 1877 for over £82,000. Next the carriage went into Hammersmith area and then Kensington, the carriage journeying to Campden Hill Road an 8 minute carriage ride from Alexander Grayson’s manor just past Queen’s Court Gardens. Mister Grayson’s manor was just a four minute carriage ride from Richmond University Kensington Campus in 1 Albans Place, Richamond University main campus being a 50 minute carriage ride away in Richamond Hill and established in 1843 but under the branch of university of London. 

The carriage came to a stop after what seemed a never ending journey and Daniel got out into the cold frosty night, he shivered a little and walked the 50yards to Lord Rothcroft’s manor. He knocked on the door twice loudly. He put all the letter except for Lord Rothcroft’s into his inside coat pocket just as the door opened and the butler Mister Smith opened it. “Master Daniel Davenport to see Lord Rothcorft.” “Ah Master Davenport, is your father Lord Davenport accompanying you?” The butler asked. “Not on this occasion, could you tell Lord Rothcroft I need to speak to him at once on important business which involves my father, he will know whatbI mean.” “Of course Master Davenport, come into the parlour and wait by the fire.” The butler bowed and Master Davenport entered the manor happy to be out of the cold. He closed the manor door behind him and entered the parlour which was the second door to the right. He sat by the warm fire and rubbed his hands warming himself as he waited. After a moment he heard footsteps and rose. He turned to see Lord Rothcroft and bowed before him addressing him with politeness and formality, “Mister Smith that is all.” He said to the butler who left the room closing the door behind him. “Master Davenport, why do you come here at such a late hour unannounced?” He asked as he raised the right side of his lips up. He opened his drinks cabinet and poured himself a brandy. ” Would you,like one Master Davenport?” Daniel,shook his head.  “I have a note for you from Mister Browning. He says all members are to attend a meeting at midnight and no excuse will be tolerated for failure to attend.” He outstretched his right hand with the sealed letter in it. Lord Rothcroft turned and took it first examine the seal. “I assume you,know what is in the letter?” Daniel nodded. “Mister Browning told me but Ihave not been privy to the identity of the order member he mentions.” As Lord Rothecroft read the letter he let out a chuckle. “It is obvious who he means and you are an intelligent young man. Tell me… ” He looked up from the note. “Whom do you think he means?” Daniel swallowed hard.” Possibly… Lady… Lady Wetherby.” “See Master Davenport you have some brains. Now tell me, have you informed any other members of this meeting yet?” “You are the first I have relayed this information to next Imshall go to Lord Lorent in his Chelsea manor.” The Lord put a hand hard on Daniel’s shoulder, good man. “Will we have your company at the meeting?” “I am unsure but, I assume not as I am not a senior council member. I better be getting along to ensure all members receive word of this meeting in time.” Lord Lorent called his butler back in. “Mister Smith, Mister Smith.” He entered the room swiftly. “Escort Master Davenport to his carriage, we do not want him to have a risk of being set upon in the dark.” He gave a sly smile. Master Davenport was accompanied to his carriage and as he entered it a shiver ran down his spine. He had felt uncomfortable in the Lord’s company and felt he was taking pleasure in the words of the letter and the fact Lady Wetherby, Mister Browning’s favourite was for now seemingly very out of favour with the order leader.

After Daniel left the manor on Campden Hill Road Lord Rothcroft called out to his wife. “MARIE, MARIE, GET THE CARRIAGE PREPARED, MISTER BROWNING HAS CALLED A MEETING FOR THE BORD OF LONDON PETROLIUM TONIGHT, IT IS URGENT AND I MUST LEAVE AS SOON AS MAY BE.”  His wife shouted. “OF COURSE MY DEAR. I WILL INFORM THE FOOTMAN, THE STABLE BOY AND THE CARRIAGE DRIVER AT ONCE.” He was looking forward to this meeting. He had seen Lady Wetherby reprimanded and pushed before but this time it seemed more serious. He reread the line of the letter “It is in regards to a certain person’s extended absence from our company of late and the action we are to take over it. Your presence is mandatory and any member who fails to show up at the meeting will face the council’s wrath.” Mister Borwinng never had a meeting so late at short notice unless the person involved was to be punished severely, and had disobeyed the order to a high level. He would look forward to this meeting seeing Mister Browning’s favourite new faults laid bare and her punishment to come revealed to all high council members.