Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger from The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2 Part 9)

From Alex’s manor in Birmingham beside Bournbrook in Worcestershire which was just outside Birmingham he had ensured once again he was close to a university and parks so his blood need would be meet with ease. He was a 12 minute carriage ride to the university of Birmingham, a 35 minute walk if needed. He was close to Bournville parkto the south east, to the east Valley park. A wealth family the Cadbury’s lived nearby whom he felt were interested in purchasing the local old manor Selly Oak which had now divided into three cottages in recent years known locally as the Rockery. The manor was a place of prominence in the town dating back to the 14th century and had always provided employment to the locals. 

Alex knew also, from Jayne’s manor in Brooke street London it was just 69 miles away. A two day walk for a normal person or about just over three hours carriage ride away. It was doable this night under cover of darkness. If he left the trip until morning or later than an hours time he risked being detected and putting Jenkin’s life in peril. 
He wanted Jenkin’s to know Jayne was well, that she maybe going with him to Edinburgh for a few days and part of her plan, to return to the order. He knew the last bit of news may raise high concern in Jenkins but he would reassure him it had to be done and he (Alex) would ensure Jayne would be okay. If any whiff of real danger to Jayne was to come he would know from his contacts and Jayne would be brought to safety. 
He would also be delivering a letter to Jenkins to be given to Browning from Jayne to cover up why she had left the order for so long and to make Browning believe her loyalties really lied with the order. Even if it came to it Alex would force if force was needed Van Helsing to write a fake report stating Jayne’s illness of Broncitous which prevented her from being in the city and needing the country air to help her recover.

As dinner was ending Alex told Jayne to write her letter to the order, he would see it would get to Jenkin’s before the night was through and he would put it into the hands of Browning the following day. Alex did not realise that by the time he would reach Wimbledon on his way to his manor before going to Jayne’s the order would be gathering there at the order headquarters on the subject of Jayne and her loyalty to the order. This would of course be figured out by Alex would then not send Jayne’s note but return to Birmingham to quickly ensure Jayne’s immediate return to London and unfortunately into the hands of the order which could not be helped if he wanted her to survive without needing to, at this time go,on the run.

Alex informed Jayne he would be leaving in under an hour if he was to make it to his manor before early morning and then onto her manor before daylight would come. Jayne did not realise or believe Alex was going to be leaving that night until now despite his mention of it and was a little concerned by the hasty action but did not let it show. None the less Alex could sense her concern and in her concern he knew even more of her feelings for him for when it came to Van Helsing Jayne could not care if he lived or died her only concern he could feel from her inner emotions was distan and the fear he may expose her actions to the order and something else, something he could not figure out. Jayne seemed to be concerned with Van Helsing a sort of worry in her emotions but for herself not his. Alex wondered was this to do with the order? Did she not realise Alex knew she would know of Dr. Van Helsing through this connection? If that was it, why would she want th connection a secret? Alex did not have time to be overly concerned with this now, he had more pressing matters to attend to. He had Renfield get the carriage ready and this time he had Renfield not accompany him on a long journey but made him promise to stay and look after Jayne. Instead he had Dr. Van Helsing summoned to him in his study. As usual when Dr. Van Helsing was not happy with Alex or being summoned to him as he would say like a servant he would wait several moments before joining Alex at his expressed location. Dr. Van Helsing was grouchier than usual as it was now after 8 at night and he had hoped to get some peace and quiet for himself this night to finish a few experiments he was designing. But, as Renfield ren-entered the dining room telling the doctor Mister Grayson wished to see him directly in his study the doctor grumbled under his breath before speaking with a sharp tongue. “Tell Mister Grayson I will speak with him later tonight. I was just about to,go to the basement to take care of a few important matters.” He looked Renfield square in the eyes. ” I am sorry Dr. Van Helsing but Mister Grayson said you were to forget any other plans for the night but to see him directly it is a matter of urgency.” Renfield said calmly. Dr. Van Helsing began to speak with a little distan in his tone. “Everything always is to him…” Renfield cleared his throat, he looked from the corner of his eye to Lady Jayne who had re-entered the room. It was a look to convey, do not act like this I front of the lady and give things away. From that look Dr. Van Helsing knew he had to be his tongue. 

After he finished his cup of tea he got up from the dinning table and towards Alex’s study. As he got to Alex’s study he took a deep breath of anger and without knocking entered the room to see Alex closing his brief case. Without looking up Alex spoke. ” Ah, doctor. Pack a case, we leave for London in less than half an hour, just your good self and I. We should be gone for the most of two days.” “Mister Grayson, this is mad. Why so quickly? What is going on?” The doctor said not sure of what was going on. “I need to check up on an associate tonight, to ensure they are alright, also I have worry over the order. You know better than most when I have feelings like the they are always proved right. We need to leave tonight, I can’t risk delay encase the order are plotting something new to foil,our plans. You need our plans to succeed as well as I.” Alex looked up and the doctor spoke. ” Thismis ludicrous Mister Grayson, hold off until tomorrow night.” Alex narrowed his eyes. “I go tonight and you come with me or, the order could somehow realise you are double crossing them with me. Where would that leave you, and your reveng for their burning your family in France?” It was threat to expose him as a double agent to the order and the doctor knew he had to go, he could not risk loosing any chance he could have to further his steps towards revenge. He had to go with Alex who would need him to ensure the following day he would have serum coursing through his body so he could survive part of the day in sunlight encase his journey was delayed. For if anything happened him and other vampires realised it was due to Dr. Van Hlsing Abreham knew he would not survive long.