Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2, Part 10)

Master Daniel Davenport made his next stop Westminster where Lord Laurent had one of his manors. Whn he stopped here the butler for this manner had told him Lord Laurent and his family had gone to their manor in Chelsea. Daniel remembered this was their main manor on Bayswater road in Chelsea.He knew this journey should be done later, but, he also knew if it was he would not have an excuse to leave his friend’s house without sounding as if he was being unfiendly, distant. The manor on Bayswater Road, was in the beginning of the north edge of Kensington. The rest of the road running along Hyde Park was in Westminster. It was just a 34 minute carriage ride from there to Wembly which housed the order headquarters. It was an affluent area close to Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace the main abode of King George V. But when Daniel went to the manor the butler told him the family were at their other manor in Victoria Street, Westminster. This was just a 14 minute carriage ride away and a manor that originally belonged to Lord Laurent’s wife’s family. Without brothers to claim it for their birthright Lord Laurent had bought it from his wife’s first cousin the inheritant after his inlaws died. One of old age, the other by the sword of the order high council just six years previous, a detail unknown to his wife. Her father’s death had been made to look like a tragic accident of a man hit by a  runaway carriage. 

Daniel made it to Lord Laurent’s manor by 8.15 Greenwich Mean Time in the evening. It was dark and stars twinkled in the night sky. The moon peeping out from the clouds every now and again as if spying on the world below. As the carriage stopped outside the manor he took a deep breath and closed his eyes a few seconds before opening them, swollowing hard and knocking on the door using the large brass knocker. A few seconds later the door opened and the buttler opened it. “Master Daniel Davenport to see Lord Laurent. I cannot come in as I am pressed for time so could you tell him to meet me at the front door for a few moments. I have urgent news for him which I must have an answer to at once.” The butler nodded and went to find his master. He was used to Master Davenport and his presence as he was in a way a prodigy of Lord Laurent. After a couple of moments in the cold air he saw the Lord approaching the door. He looked out the door both ways and looked a little annoyed. 
“Has anyone we know seen you here? Were you followed?” He asked in a slightly upset and angry way. “Relax Stephen, you are getting too tense.” “Too tense…” He said in a whisper but the tone conveyed he was getting angrier. “I am here on order business, Mister Browning sent me.” He reached into his inside coat pocket and pulled out the sealed letter handing it to Lord Laurent. “I felt it better you did not receive it in front of your family.” He opened the note and read it, his face going a little pale and his eyes widening in shock. He knew in his heart what the punishment for Jayne could be. He had seen before his own eyes her being punished many times before but this he felt was different in a more cruel way. He looked up after reading the letter not saying a word. He beckoned Daniel to the upper sitting room by the front door on the left. He lite a candle from the flames in the fire and burned the note before him before blowing the candle out.  “I need your answer at once, I have most of the council still to see and time is going by so fast.” Lord Laurent could not find his voice to speak, he just nodded. After another moment he found a little of his voice. “Who have you visited already?” “Only Lord Rothcroft in Camden Hill Road.” “Ah, of course, he would want to be informed first. I better let you get on. You have a long night ahead of you to get to all council members in time.” He put a hand on Daniel’s shoulder and gave a smile before Daniel smiled back and turned heading into the hallway and to the carriage. 

As the evening wore on he visited many other areas of London. Some of the areas included another one  in Westminster, one in Fullham, the edge of Soho, Edgware, St. Albans, Harrow close to Wembley. He even on his travels passed through Mayfair one of the most affluent areas of London. It ran from Hanover Square to Grosveno Square. He passed by Brooke Street which once housed the famous composer Handel, Richard Bull MP who had passed away in 1805, Cole Campbell who in the mid to late 18th century was an architect to the British Monarchy. Today it housed Lady Jayne Wetherby one of the most wealthiest and beautiful Lady’s in London and her Husband, both members of the Order Of The Dragon but, her husband was away for months on end on errands for the order many of which included oil deals in the Turkish Ottoman empires and trading. The manor house was belong to Lady Wetherby and she had insisted on marrying Lord Wetherby she would be allowed live there, while he was away which could be up to eight months of the year. It was a marriage she was forced into by the order, more procisely Mister Browning who at the time needed the Lord to join the order to give it much needed shares and inside in the Ottomen-Turk empire and much needed injections of cash, prestige. As Lord Wetherby was a youngish man in his early thirties his younger blood was needed to help bring in a younger generation of affluent men into the order. The only way he would join was by making Lady Jayne Power who was 21 at the time, who had just became by law an adult his by marriage. Lady Jayne knew she had to do this for the order, it was in the oath she swore, to put the order first, her life second. In her brief dealings with Lord Wetherby he had been kind to her, showed affection and attention she craved. She thought by marrying him she would be free from a lot if not all control Mister Browning had over her. She knew she did not love the man but felt it was her only way of any escape from the nightmares she had had sexually from the order. She thought he would keep her somewhat safe. 

At first the kindness, care seemed so real, so true but, Mister Browning who still craved Jayne had her husband sent on over seas errands more than needed so he could still wield some influence over Jayne. He continued to make sexual advances towards her, force her to comply with them. She knew she had to. When her husband one night came back early from a three month trip to France to find Browning forcing a bleeding Jayne to have sex he let rip. For this he was punished, demoted in the order and the order oath quoted to him ensuring he never interfered in Lord Browning’s business again or think of fleeing or helping his wife flee or it would be his death, even his wife’s. To put up with Lord Browning Jayne would take lovers to try and erase the memories of Browning forcing her, making her submit to him. She grew even colder, more unfeeling, cruel than ever before. But, after two month away with Browning on a mission in south Ireland in Cork she returned to become unwell. When word reached Browning lady Jayne was six weeks pregnant he knew the baby was his. He needed his prized fighter more than ever now, as they faced vampires invading the city. She was their best chance to be rid of them. He set up an appointment for Jayne to go to a lady he knew who would “take care” of her condition. It was not legal but he could not have Jayne’s condition become known to anyone. The only person he confided in was Lord Davenport his closest friend. He told Jayne on the morning of March the 12th 1890 to be ready, have a bag packed. Jayne knew what this meant as when she was 16 she had gone through this once before. She decided to flee, have her baby, give it to a good home. She knew she could never take care of it, even if she wanted to as it would remind her of her ordeal and Browning each time she would look at it, but she felt it did not deserve to not have a chance to live. She packed a bag and on the night of the 11th March as she was about to flee Browning came with Lord Davenport to ensure Jayne would make the trip the following morning. 

Jayne was forced from her chair where she slept in the parlor the night before at dawn. She had slept in her green gown all night guarded by the two men. She was forced from the manor to the waiting carriage. The trip to Bond Street was just a 4 minute carriage ride away. But to Jayne it seemed to go on longer. It was a place where wealthy women went to take care of “accidents” without their husband finding out. Jayne felt panic over come her and then a handkerchief put to her mouth as the carriage stopped. She had been drugged by chloroform to make her sleep. Next thing she remembered was being in her own bed, feeling groggy, her female part below aching a little and as she went to sit up she was told to be careful. She would need complete rest for two days. As the men left her room she took off the bed blanket and looked down, she lifted her shift and saw a small scar on her feminine part and one on her inside upper left thigh. She felt empty somehow and a sadness came over her.  She put her hand on her stomach which felt empty now. She knew what had happened and knew she would have to block it out as she did before, the pain and silent tears flowing helping her to sleep in order to try to forget. 

Daniel felt a knot in his stomach. He was unaware of the extent of the hurt Lady Jayne felt inside and the scars inside due to the order but he knew of some of her punishments as Lord Laurent had told him as a warning to keep him on the right side of the order. Daniel felt a chill go through his whole body as the carriage passed Mayfair towards Harrow his final destination before returning to the order headquarters.