Love Concealed

What is love? How can it be described? In words wrapped up in clouds of appreciation? Comparing your love to something tangible like, an object, a red rose, so delicate, vibrant, a purfume that fills your senses with joy or even a place that makes you smile. An action such as the waves lapping over and over on a deserted golden beach as if leaving ripples of kissing upon it, their sound echoing into the tranquility around. This action seems so pure, carefree and sends your mind on a journey of emptying the burdens of thoughts to be replaced by happy ones of the things, people, places, animals we love.

How do you know what you feel is really love? Could it just be happiness? Excitement? A temporary feeling like lust to be forgotten as quickly as it was discovered so fresh and new, full of hope, wonder.
One of the hardest questions to answer is, discribe how love makes you feel, how you know it is there? I know you are thinking on how to answer this puzzling question at this faithful moment.

For me it is a fuzzy feeling in my chest, that has nerves, excitement rolled up turning like a ball of twine that seems to heat my heart and grow bigger if the love is more pure, makes me feel extra content in it, if it comes from the fact I am attached to that physical thing I love. I would not feel fully me without it but a shadow of who I am, layers of my heart torn away taking part of me with it forever. All I need to do is think of something I truly love and the feelings bubble inside my heart which seem to give a longer, harder thump against my chest, even cartwheel and bring a smile to my face, wonderment to my eyes. 

Thinking on it makes you happy. If you lose what you love, memories bring it all flooding back and even though it may hurt, in a way it heals you too. How would you have been without that love? How can we love differently? How do we know one love is stronger than another? The love for a close friend versus the love of materialistic things? How can we think we can love something forever and not have the feelings fade or even die over time? 

Love is; complicated, complex, it can mean different things to everyone, interperated, felt in unique ways to all of us. It can be the greatest joy or at times the worst enemy but without it we would lack compassion, lack any empathy, good nature that we possess. Even if we do not know love, cannot feel it, the wanting for it can make us be on a path for caring, good, on a quest to find and bring love inside of our life. Love is, different to us all, but something each of us strive for as we breath. A common need, a common wanting that unites most humanity despite our differences deep inside and on the out. It is our wanting for love that edges us closer to one another, something that bonds us even if we do not see it.