Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2, Part 11)

Harrow had been Daniel’s final destination, the manor of Lord Green who came from a long line of distinguished men. He was a widow, his only son entrenched in the order since his 16th birthday. He arrived in Wembly just short of five minutes past the eleventh hour that night. As the carriage stopped outside the order headquarters he took a deep breath and put on his hat the footman opened the carriage door and Daniel stepped out into the frosty night air. He shivered a little then walked to the door knocking on it. A small latch area at the front of the door was opened and a voice asked Daniel for the secret code. He said Order of the true faith, order, obidenice and world. He then did the secret hand signal and the latch closed, was locked and the large wooden door was open slowly to allow Daniel entry. He walked down the long wide hallway lit by torches of fire. On the walls portraits of past council members and order leaders. It led off to a path to the right down to another corridor with two paths left and right. Daniel took the right and walked on to the bottom. On the right he knocked on the door of one of Mister Browning’s studies. As he knocked Mr. Browning called out “Who is it?” Daniel spoke “It is I Master Daniel Davenport.” In less than a moment the door to the study opened and Mister Browning stood before him. “Well? Is it done?” Daniel nodded. “All members have been contacted and as is customary Lord Rothcroft was given his letter first. All will be in attendance and are, as I speak on their way here. Is there anything else you wish me to do?” Mister Browning rose a brow looking at Daniel carefully, as if studying his facial expressions.” And the letters?” “All members burned the letters before me. There is no tangible trace of what is to happen here tonight.” Daniel said confidently. “I still want you here as the meeting takes place. You will not be in the room but a look out encase less prominent members of the order show up. If that happens you tell us at once.” Daniel nodded. ” Of course Mister Browning.” “Good, now I will be in the council chambers and any high council members who come shall be meet by you outside the chamber and accompanied by you to be brought before me.” Davenport put on his council robe, looked in the mirror. He grabbed a folder placing it under his right arm. He went with Daniel to the council chamber just two yards away. Daniel sat on a wooden seat outside the chamber as Browning went in to wait for the members to come. 

Earlier that evening Alexander in his Worcestershire manor near Birmingham had a trunk prepared with a few things to tide Dr. Van Helsing over for their journey. Some food, clothes, medical supplies he would use on Alexander in the first machine he made to have Alex walk in sunlight which lay in Alex’s manor Carfax, all this encase they had to extend their journey in London  for any reason. He had weapons in the carriage concealed encase of any unexpected attack. It was almost half past eight evening time, Jayne without a sound crept into Alex who was now in his study putting papers into a folder. He did not hear Jayne creep in and his body betrayed him and he gave a shudder as she put her arms around him from behind. She placed a sealed note, her seal not yet on it, addressed to Mister Browning on the desk in front of Alex. “Read it Alexander. I want you to trust me, so I have as yet sealed  my letter so you may read it.” Alex knew this was a test and one he would not give in to. He picked up the letter without looking at its contents. He folded it in three and turned to bring Jayne into his arms, he handed her the letter. ” I trust you Jayne, I do not need to see the contents of the letter.” He kissed her lips with a quick kiss he had wanted to deepen but fought hard not to. “Seal it and return it to me, that way it will be safe on my presence until I have it delivered to the Order headquarters in Wembly.” Jayne cluched the letter and smiled at Alex. With the back of her right hand she slowly rubbed Alex’s left cheek. “Be careful Alex, if you are seen in London tonight I fear you could be followed. I do not want Jenkins brought into suspicion by the order nor do I want you in harms way. You are important to me. I love you, Alex. ” she lowered her eyes from his and a blush came to her cheeks. Alex smiled and let out a little chuckle. “I will be fine, I always am. I am more resourceful than you think. I shall be back the day after tomorrow and if things change for any reason which I believe will not happen I will have word sent to you at once. You know I will do anything to ensure your safety.   That is why I have Renfield staying with you. I know you can look after yourself but, if there is any inkling the Order have found out where you are he can have you away to safety at once. He knows a manor of mine which is secret from almost everyone. She nodded. “I love you Jayne. You know that, I will do anything I can to keep you happy. Now go, seal the letter and return, then I must leave at once for London.

Within moments Jayne returned, handing th sealed letter to Alex who put it in his inside coat pocket. Jayne put her hands on his tenderly and looked into his eyes with love. “Be safe and come back to me.” He kissed her hands with a long kiss. “When I return I will kiss your lips and hold you to me. We can talk of our future, one we will have together. We will…” Suddenly they were interrupted by Van Helsing. “Mister Greyson the carriage is ready. We should leave at once.” Alex rolled his eyes and fought hard to bite his tongue. “Of course Abraham.” He put a hand to Jayne’s cheek before letting her go from his light grasp. “Give us a moment Abraham. Go to the carriage and I will be there directly.” Van Helsing knew he had to do as he was told. “Of course Mister Grayson” he bowed and left Jayne and Alex alone. Jayne went to the study top desk drawer. She took out a small silver scissors, she cut a lock of her golden hair and tied it with a hair band. She turned back and hands it to Alex, placing it in his palm and closing his fingers around it. “Keep it always as a sign that no matter what happens, my love is always yours.” Alex put his hand to his chest and a tear rolled down his cheek. In that moment an ill feeling came over him and flashes came to his mind of order members meeting, cries in the streets of affluent areas of London, people’s fears, and Alex feeling for the first time unable to know what to do for the best. He shock his head and the thoughts, flashes past and he smiled at Jayne. “As my love has only ever been yours.” He then turned and walked from his study to the hallway and out into the dark evening into the carriage for the journey south west towards London and first Brooke street.