Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2, Part 12)

As Alexander and Dr. Van Helsing got to the carriage Abraham opened his eyes wide as Alexander spoke to the driver. “We are off to my manor in London at once but we will go by the Worcester road through Nortleach then Burford. We go onto Enysham, through Oxford to Headington area Wheatley, Stokenchurch, to High Wycombe. Then to the Woodburn bourrugh Beaconsfield then straight to Fulmer, Umbridge and through Wembly. Then past White city, north Kensington to my manor. “Of course Mister Grayson.”Dr. Abraham Van Helsing went close to Alexander “I thought we were going to go the route Cirencester, down to Swindon and past Reading, Maidenhead, Slough, Winsor and past the Richmond area. We talked about this Mister Grayson and now you without consulting me change our route. I know this route is longer than the one you have changed it to but I thought you wanted to ensure we remained undetected in the city.” He whispered in an angry tone. ” Alex got into the carriage after Renfield came out of the manor and whispered a message in his ear. Alex nodded. The doctor followed him and sat beside him after he closed the carriage door. The footman put the trunks in the other side of the carriage and a couple of moments later the carriage took off on its journey.

Alex turned his head to look at an angry Abraham and spoke calmly. “Abraham, I am sorry but we need to go the shorter route. It may bring us closer to danger but, I have been given a tip off there maybe some Order activity tonight. If so, we need to go by the Wembly area so I can check it out.” Abrahams shook his head “I should have known. Lady Jayne is the reason for this sudden route change. It is risky enough we are going to London at all at this time but to go right to the enemies lair is ludicrous Mister Grayson. It could jeopardise all we have worked for, the years we put into our work and the money. We cannot let anyone cause all this to collapse especially someone who could screw us over. ” Alex suddenly grew angry and grabbed Van Helsing by the collar of his jacket. “Never, never do you hear me, speak of Lady Jayne with disrespect in my presence. It is not just because of her I changed our plans. If there is Order business tonight, it could be to do with them trying to make business deals in the coolant company without me present or in the steel business. It could mean our funds reducing. It is vital if they are meeting tonight or tomorrow we know what they are doing so we can stay a few steps ahead of them.” Alex left the doctor go, Van Helsing sighed. ” I let my temper get better of me, I should not have disrespected Lady Wetherby.” He put a fake smile on his face. “I see your plan has some merits but it is risky and could be dangerous for us.” Alex let out a laugh “what is life without taking risks Abraham?” Van Helsing smiled and sat back in his seat looking out into the dark night. 

As the carriage rolled on through Burford, Enysham and to Oxford the moon came out from behind the clouds and shone showing up the route like light spot lights on a stage so all could see the beauty before them and take it in even more. Abraham was now reading some of his notes and Alex was thinking his hunch and gut feelings had to be right. He had a strong feeling the order were planning something but he had no idea what. He had to find out. He knew it must be to do with Jayne if, they were meeting. At High Wycome Buckinghamshire about 70minutes from their destination the driver stopped the carriage near Buckinghamshire University and by a small river the dyke. The driver felt the horses needed a drink of water and a rub down before continuing the journey much to Abraham’s annoyance. Alex was not too pleased as it meant a delay in their journey but he felt on this occasion he should keep his emotions in check. He took the bucket from under the driver’s seat and went to the river filling the bucket with water as the driver unhitched the horses from the carriage. He could hear a heart beat close by, he knew it was not the driver or Abraham, he decided to ignore it for now, see if the man would show himself in the next few moments, if not he would pursue him, see why he would be out so late lurking secretly in the dark. Alex returned to the carriage as the driver began to rub down one horse. Alex laid the bucket of water beside another who drank it quickly. 

After the first horse was rubbed down the driver insisted on filling the bucket for the mare to drink from. As the driver went by the river he looked about and a medium height man came out from behind an old oak tree. He had mousy brown hair and was dressed as if he was high middle class. He approached the driver, who did not seem concerned or shaken by the appearance of this man. Instead he seemed to know him. He whispered to him. ” My master Mister Grayson is on his way to his man in London. He has a visitor you may know who is in his manor in…. ” before he could finish his words he fell to the ground blood pouring from him. Mister Grayson took his sword from his back. The other man began to run but it was no good. In a mere few seconds Alex was before him and he brandished his fangs. He caught the man pinning him to the ground before he could grab his sword attached to his pants. “Tell me who you are? Who sent you? Why are you here?” He screamed. “I will not say, I cannot, whether I do or not I die so I have nothing else left.” Alex pulled up the man’s sleeve to see a tattoo, it was the crest of the order of the dragon small, on the back of his wrist. It had two x’s under it showing this man was on the second tier from the bottom in the order. Not very important so used for mundain tasks. Alex’s hunch about the order was coming true. “It was Browning was it not? Do they know where I was? Tell me or it is not just you who dies but your family.” 

The man had a smug smile on his face. “He knows more than you would like.” Alex threatened his family again as Van Helsing walked behind him. “Mister Reed, I see. How is your wife Mary and your newborn son William? A shame if my friend here paid them a visit, and visited your mistress Miss Lily Smith.” Mister Reed looked shaken, he thought Alex would not know really who he was or about his family. “Alright, kill me, if you do not the Order will as they will believe I betrayed them to you whether I do or not but leave my family…” He said now terror starting to show from his voice. “I was told you were coming from Worcestershire tonight. I tried to telephone the order but the telephone exchange was having trouble tonight so I could not tell Mister Browning.” ” who else knows of my journey south? The truth. If you lie I will find out and your family die.” “Alright, I told one other who is waiting in Slough. I was not sure what route you would take so I had another on the first route and I came here to the second to wait.” His heart was now beating so hard it was almost bursting from his chest. “What is the driver to you?” He took a dozen sharp short but fast breaths. “He was employed by the order to let us know where you were going and when. He has been in our employment a month. He was to be paid 30 pieces of gold… ” Alex finished it ” like Judas was paid 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus his master.”Alex felt alarm rise up in him and his concern now was Lady Jayne. “Who is this other man? Does the order know of Lady Jayne? Do they know where she is?” The man shook his head. “He is Mark Black, and to answer the other questions No, but they are looking for her? Should they….” It clicked for him. “She  was with you, this whole time she has been away from London she has been with you.” Suddenly the man’s fear left him and he laughed. “The bastard, telling us enough to get his gold but keeping Lady Jayne’s whereabouts secret, still in a way remaining loyal to you and to her. The irony of it all.” Alex let his fangs expand more and he bit into the man’s neck draining him of blood. He then used his special wolf call and he heard a howl. He and Van Helsing hitched the horses back to the carriage as three wolves showed up. Smelling the blood they ravished the men as Alex looked on a smug smile on his face as he cleaned the blood off it. 

Alex went to the nearby little wood and found two rabbits which he then killed. He put them on the carriage driver’s back and let the wolves eat. They ripped the back of the carriage man with their claws. It was enough so the reason he died could not be spotted. The order member, Alex decided to bring him with them. He would dispose of him at the Order head quarters tonight. A warning to the order, the vampires had not left but were very much in London.