Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction Chapter 2, Part 13)

Alex knew before they would go to London city himself and Abraham would have to take a trip to Slough to find the man Mister Mark Black. Alex would take the reigns of the carriage but just outside Slough he would have Abraham take over. He did not know if the man would know who he was and did not want to risk it. He would have Abraham tell the man he knew Mister Reed and the carriage driver Mister Smith, how Mister Smith was unable to come tonight so Abraham took his place. Abraham knew enough about the order to bluff plus he knew a few council members personally as he had done work for them in the past.
Alex relayed the plan to him and Abraham agreed on it, he did so as it meant another order member leaving this earth and one less evil spirit to harm innocent people.

Alex with Van Helsing’s help got the dead order member into the carriage and put him on the floor. It was not pretty but it had to be done. It was the first step of a plan to be used in order to unhinge the order a little, scare them.
Abraham decided not to sit in the carriage with the body but joined Alex at the front of the carriage, he felt he could not sit for 30 minutes up to almost an hour with a dead body by his feet, especially an order member. Alex jumped onto the carriage and took the reigns, in a moment himself and Dr. Van Helsing were on their way. 

They would still go by Beaconsfield but instead of going onto Umbridge they would go past Hedgerly, Stoke Green. The only place Alex could think the man would be would be at Grand Canal Union. The plot must have been to have the carriage stop, get water for the horses so the driver could talk to the Order spy. At the Grand Canal Union Alex knew people could pay for water for their horses. This journey would take about 35-40 minutes and Alex felt he should have known about this, but, he knew he had been so preoccupied with keeping Jayne safe that he had not kept up his survalence of goings on as he usually did. This time delay could mean, if the order were plotting anything tonight he could miss it. He was feeling as if he was letting Jayne down, letting himself down and he knew Van Helsing would blame him in part for this. As the night wore on the crescent moon became partly covered by clouds again. Their path now less well lite. Abraham seemed restless and Alex drove the carriage on in silence. The only sound the carriage wheels turning on the road and owls hooting as well as flying down to pluck field mice from nearby fields before returning to the trees.

As they got to the outskirts of London county and into the Slough area Alex looked even more determined. He stopped the carriage on Collum Green road, pulled into Slough Common East, he got off the carriage and decided to walk to the canal, let Abraham go alone to the destination using the carriage. Abraham took the reigns of the carriage and went the half mile down the road to the canal on the left where he pulled in. He unhitched the two horses, both steady bay mares unusually tall for mares 68inches tall (17 hands tall in modern day).
The carriage was a brougham which originally had two wheels but by the latter part of the 1800’s had four wheels. The wheels had rubber around them to make them less noisy, make journeys smoother. As Abraham left the horses by the carriage he looked around for any sign of life, after a couple of moments he felt as if maybe Mister Reed had lied until he heard from high in a nearby Ash tree a sneeze.

The doctor looked up to see a man he could faintly make out who looked in his early 20’s, dirty blonde coloured hair, a mustache with the ends curled up, a brown suit on lit by the moon light. Not the usual attire for someone tending to passing carriages, buggies or wagons. “Mister Black I assume” He said as he looked up at the young man who did not budge. Unknown to the doctor Alexander had made it to the canal and was within a leap of this man.  The man had sense enough to realise this man who was calling him was not Mister Smith he was to rendezvous with. “No… No, you have the wrong man.” He said as calmly as he could. Alex watching from a nearby oak tree could hear the man’s heartbeat increase by the second and in his manner sense he was lying. Before Abraham could ask him a question Alexander jumped from the oak tree onto the ash tree. He grabbed the young man from behind. He spoke in a menacing tone into his right ear as he put a dagger he took from his inside coat pocket to the man’s neck. “Tell the truth, you are Mister Mark Black. Tell the gentleman below the truth.” Due to the limited moonlight that every now and then disappeared due to clouds passing over the crescent moon Abraham had no idea Alex had the man in the tree in a compromising position. “Do it or I drag this dagger across your neck right here and now.” The man tried to get out of Alex’s grasp but it was no good and he almost fell from the tree.  “I know more about you than you realise. For one, I know you know Mister Browning of Wembly London and how you are secretly connected.” Alex’s lips curled up in a sly smile as the man’s heart rate increased more and so did his breathing. He put his hand in one of his trouser pockets and took out a short sharp knife slowly, quietly as he spoke to Alex with the intention to distract him long enough to stab him and get out of his grip, escape. But, he did not realise who he was dealing with and from the moment his hand went towards his trouser pocket Alex knew his game. “Maybe I do know him, maybe I do not.” He said with a little more confidence. “What is that to you? Why do you need to know? Why does it concern you?” Alex grabbed the man’s right hand and squeezed it so hard the knife fell from his grasp to the grass below. He winced in pain. “You tell me your connection to him, why Mister Smith was to give you Mister Grayson’s whereabouts? Do it or in one cut you die.” Alex whispered angrily. 

As all this was going on Abraham was loosing patience below as Mister Black was not communicating with him. “I can wait until you come down, I have all the time in the world.” he said smugly just as he saw a knife fall onto the grass below the tree. Then, the moon came out from behind a thick cloud once again shining on the ash tree. The doctor saw a second figure behind Mister Black and without thinking he blew Alex’s cover. “Mister Grayson?!” He said just as he realised what he did. Alex felt maybe Abraham did this on purpose.
Mister Black laughed. “Seems your cover is blown Mister Grayson. I shall not tell you a thing, kill me, or others will.” Alex brandished his fangs and twisted Mister Black in his grasp so he saw. The man gasped. “A vampire, outside London City!” Alex laughed. “You tell me what I want to know or you will join your friend Mister Reed sooner than you would like.” The man grappled and took a chain from his left trouser pocket, it had a crucifix in gold attached to it. He held it up and it distracted Alex for a few seconds as a slight burn came to his left cheek. He grabbed the man tighter and forced his hand open so the chain fell to the grass. “I see you are a member of the Order. You must not be so important if your task is to find my whereabouts and you are left out of the loop by not being able to attend council meetings like…” Alex then lied to gauge the man’s reaction. “The meeting taking place tonight” The man looked confused and clueless. “What meeting?” Alex smiled “I knew you were low ranking, you would not be at meetings, just used as a front line man. One that, if he died it did not matter, there would be others lined up to take your place.” Alex wanted to anger the man so he might slip up. “I have been at meetings, I am more important than you think.” He barked back. “I doubt you have ” Alex mocked. The man said angrily. “Your days with Lady Jayne Wetherby are soon to be numbered. Her husband is to be returned to London to keep her in line.” He said smugly. “Your days of her in your bed are over. Besides, she was only with you on orders from us.” Alex knew the last bit of information for himself. But the information about her husband stunned him but he did not show it. “All the information she told us about you were illuminating and Mister Browning found it most useful.” This hit a nerve with Alex and infuriated him. Without Renfield around to give him calm advice to not act rashly he bit into Mister Black’s neck and drained him of his blood quickly. He then pushed him from the tree. “Put him in the carriage Abraham” he called down as he jumped from the tree branch to the ground in one leap.

Abraham shook his head and sighed. “Again with the impulsiveness Mister Grayson. We could have held him longer to interigate him.” Alex grabbed the doctor by the collar. “DO NOT DARE TELL ME WHAT TO DO, I INTERIGATED HIM ENOUGH.” Alex let him go, anger in his eyes. Abraham went to the man and grabbed the man under his arms dragging him towards the carriage. “Did he hit a nerve in you?” Alex shouted again “WHAT?!” In that moment Abraham knew he had and the one topic that would do that was Lady Jayne Wetherby. Alex opened the carriage door and helped Abraham put the second body on the floor. Alex used his sword to cut the man’s head off. He decided to make the men look like Jayne had delivers them as she had returned to vampire hunting but not in the city of London. He would forge her hand writing and make the order believe she had been caught up in Vampire business which really was the truth, but, not in the way she or the order knew.