How long can you survive in a bed of lies, not being true to your identity? Do you lie to make yourself or trick yourself into believing your lies in order to forget the disturbing truth about yourself?
Do you lie to make people like you as you are not confident the real you shining out would keep them close, make them friends?
Do you lie to protect yourself and others?
Or, maybe to impress others, make them envious of you or you want to one up someone and bring them down deservidely or not.

In the end the lies tire you out, constantly outside of your own solitude you play act a new you, one that is a visage to the word different from your true own.
Lies can weaken you, as day after day you betray who you really are, to gain friendships that are not truly real but only half there as lies revealed could send them crumbling like crumbs on a plate after the eating of a slice of cake. They are thin, fragile, like dust, easily discarded without thought by most and not really wanted.
Lies can break you down emotionally as the enormity of them over time send you into a world of spiralling depression, paranoid state that maybe someone has caught onto your lies. They can ware you down making you emotionally damaged, changing the real you inside.

Lies can seem to work at the beginning but in the end even years down the line lies have a habit of reappearing in a form like a jack in the box put away for so long that one day it snaps and pops out without warning.
They drain you in a ways, make you different from who you were and in the end leave you not you, lost in a game you do not remember all the steps or pieces of.

Lies are the devil’s way of corrupting us, sending us a little towards his path. The bigger the lies the closer to his path or the further down it we go. Our morals compromised forever.

White lies at times can help you but big far fetched lies can one day explode ruining the new life and identity we made for ourselves for personal gain.

In the end we all die, our bodies decay, but our soul and spirit live on to go to a new place above. Our life in earth in comparison is just a flicker of a candlelight in the wind but our next life after this is where we reap what we sowed here and we get back what we put in on earth.

Lies are like a knot around our neck we tighten or we slowly unravel to stop the lies and speak the truth.
Be true to who you are as it is only then you can be truly loved, appreciated for who you are on earth. Make you feel more at ease, relaxed and your life in the next plain will be all the more rewarding.

If you lie repent, as in repentance we are truly humble and worthy of forgiveness.