Lessons For Life




Be kind to one another, to animals and nature,

Be caring,

Be true to yourself,

Do things that help others and you,

Do not cheat,

Do not lie,

Do nothing illegal,

Remember study does help whether we like to admit it or not,

Chose a path to make you happy not just to please others,

Live as full a life as you can,

Try not to get too deep in dept you can never get out,

Try to save money for rainy days and fun days,

Hang out with friends and loved ones,

Try not to end a day with an argument still looming over you as you never know if the person/people you argued with will survive to open their eyes the next glorious, meraculous morn,

If you cry, wipe your tears,

If you are sad cry, crying can help in ways,

If you bottle up pain, anger, sadness it can eat away at you making you a shade of who you are,

Tell your woes and happiness to others as letting them out can lift burdens off your shoulders in ways, give you new perspective and spreading happiness can increase it in your heart.

Trust in people, maybe not all but getting hurt does not mean you stop trusting in all,

If you get hurt, morn, grieve but help the experience/s build you up, give you more lessons for life,

Do not let bad things no matter how much they hurt or anger you, change you for the worse,

Never revert so much inside yourself no one can help you out, it can lead to you going down paths you never should go,

Things can knock you down but in time even if it is slow let me tell you from experience they do help you learn lessons, reassess things and they still hurt but you learn to live, smile again.

Remember, treat others how you would like to be treated in a fair, loving world.

Hatred angers you and your soul, it is not needed as it brings you down.