Asthmatic Wheeze

Coughs can come from a tickle like a feather’s tip gently stroking the inside of your throat,

Or a finger slowly rubbing across it to bring about a reaction, like they do in the souls of your feet,

Like an annoying itch, one you cannot scratch you cough as if the sensation will in time relieve it from the inside of your throat.

But, sometimes the more you cough, the more your throat tickles, the louder and wheezier the cough becomes,

You pinch at the outside of your throat just mere millimeters from the itch, but, you cannot get inside to relieve it.

Like an itchy bear to a tree you use the front of your fingertip to press against your throat, rubbing the itchy skin on the other side against the bone and muscle inside.

You cough, you do your version of the itchy bear relief, you hold off from swollowing for a few moments to build liquid you hope once it races down your throat it will relieve some of the itch,

You make noises to clear your throat, use cough bottles chesty or phlegm relieving kinds hoping the wheeze far below in your chest can release the thick liquid that is helping to cause some of this mess.

You bark, your wheeze, you sigh, your throat in time hurts from the coughs, you make noises like an engine trying but failing to turn over again and again more frequently in time in order to loosen the thick liquid coming from your chest,

You cough into your tissue expelling the sticky chest enemy liquid more often than you like,

Your breathing sounds slightly restricted and like a very low fan with foreign bodies restricting its sound from being pure.

You may take your inhaler to relieve this wheeze, or breath in the fumes from the nebules in an nebuliser. 

Or worse it has manifested into an asthmatic persons’s full blown asthma that also needs steroids, that weaken you, leave your body feeling weak, tired, like your body has betrayed you and is hibernating to escape the attack as it uses its energy it begins to regain to  fight the symptoms inside you from deep trenches. 

You wake in the night caught for breath, coughing so loud it echoes through the house, you find your breathing labored so the nebuliser is called to relieve it from your bed.

But in time…

 Coughing becomes less restricted, clearer in sound, less thick liquid passes from your chest, your wheeze begins to die down,  your energy restores you once more.

Days pass, so do the nights, the same routine until one day you wake, the cough gone, the wheeze disappeared, the tickle a distant memory and dream, until next time when it strikes,  like a stowaway on a ship, unwanted, unneeded, problem causing and leaves you feeling helpless for a time.