Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon ( Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2, Part 15)

Here is how Alex’s plans came to fruition just mere moments from Jayne almost being sentenced to sure death by the order and how the plans were put in place, carried out. As we remember, Alex and Dr. Van Helsing were heading to Carfax manor on Gloucester road in Kensington London diverting by going through Wembley to see if Alex’s inkling of order business taking place was indeed accurate.
 Due to the delays on route from lower order members this meant Alex, Abraham passing Wembley and South Way where the order headquarters were located took place at a later time than Alex had anticipated. As they headed passed Harrow, Harrow On The Hill to Watford road in Wembley they then took the third left onto Ealing road, touching on Harrow road which brought them close to South Way. Alex could see his way by the occasional oil lamppost on the street. What began to puzzle Dr. Van Helsing was the sound of not just their horses and carriage as they entered Harrow road but, that of other carriages and motor cars, one of which passed them at great speed. As it passed Alex made out the figure of Lord Laurent in the driver’s seat. He knew then, his hunch about an order gathering or meeting tonight must be correct.

“Did you see the figure in the motor car that passed us Abraham?” “I could not make the man out why?” He asked curiously. “It was Lord Laurent, a known order member, he is one I have suspicions is on the high council with Mister Browning, Lord Rothcroft, Lord Davenport and Lord Green. It must mean by the speed he was traveling a meeting must be taking place, one of some importance at their headquarters in South Way, the next street away. ” Abraham nodded in agreement. “I think we should formulate some plans now Abraham and quickly. I will have to forge a new letter, Jayne to Mister Browning. As planned have the headless men brought to the manor of their’s tonight. I will make it seem Jayne has been away on order business and will return soon. I must buy her some breathing room just encase she is in any danger. We cannot go to Brooke street yet or Carfax. I want to know what is occurring.” “But Alexander, you are bringing us into danger for Lady Wetherby yet again. Why risk it. If there is a meeting tonight, or even now as you believe the place will be crawling with so many order members your safety would be at a great risk. Why risk all that we worked for, your life as well for her?” He asked with concern etched on his face and in his tone.Alex took a few deep breaths trying to quill the anger bubbling up inside him. He could not lose his temper now and risk drawing attention to themselves.

“We need her safe Abraham, she will be our eyes and ears in the order when she returns to them, letting us know if they plan anything against Alexander Grayson as I am known. She will tell us of their business plans as well.” “And you also do this as your love for her has you…” Before Dr. Van Helsing could finish his sentence Alexander took one hand off the reigns and held it tight around Abraham’s throat. “That is enough Abraham, I told you before not to speak ill of Jayne in my presence.” He took his hand from Abraham’s throat. “We will go a little further, until we see the manor in the distance. If it looks like activity is abound I will double back, have the two order men’s bodies, their heads in wooden boxes hidden in the hedge row here, and we will have the carriage go to Wembly park a few minutes ride away. I will forge a letter from Jayne to Mister Browning. I will then come back for the bodies and hopefully be able to put them in the gardens of the manor undetected with the letter which will be addressed to Mister Browning. Both put in sight for him. I will then spy on the manor discreetly for a time to see what I might uncover. It is risky but worth it. We do not have much time so must do this immediately. ” Abraham understood the plan even if he did not like all of it. “What shall I do?” “If I am not back to the carriage by 1 on your pocket watch go to Brooke Street, make sure Jenkins is alright, but if you think you maybe followed go to your manor instead.” Abraham nodded “Of course Alexander but I still think all this is too risky.” “I know but trust me, I have survived many dangerous tasks Abraham. We will stop the carriage here, wait a couple of moments, if no one comes, you will help me dispose of the bodies here. I know we are somewhat exposed here but we have no choice now, time is of the essence.” Alex said, hoping the hastily assembled plans would work out without hitch. 

Alex had more strength than any other vampire alive, he could lift the two men alone, it might slow him a little but he had to do it alone. He did not want Abraham in danger too. He felt Abraham might slip up or slow him down if he helped remove the bodies to the manor. He could not risk anything that could compromise their plans. He knew the plans were somewhat tricky, not the best but at short notice had to do. He hoped they would come together seemlessly like a tailor putting together a suit.