Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chpter 2, Part 16)

Alex looked to Dr. Van Helsing and let out a slight grumble. “This will be a bit more tricky than I believed. We need wooden boxes, the size that can hold a head and some garlic.” Van Helsing looked a little confused but then remembered from his time in order what it meant. “Ah, I think I understand. From my dealings with the order, in a medical capacity I have accidentally once come across a head of an ex order member in a wooden box, his mouth stuffed with garlic. It intrigued me, I had no idea why they would want it but, then I remembered the old customs I read of of the order de Draco from 1400 eastern European history, how it was to show vampires or a vampire caused the death of a member. Most take it as made up tale but I, never did.” Alex nooded. “But we have little time.” Van Helsing’s eyes widened. ” Why do you wish the men to be shown to be murdered by a vampire? ” He was not feeling comfortable with the way the plans were going. “Would this not expose you to more danger, make the order come out in force more?”  

Alex whispered calmly. “If they believe vampire attacks are occurring in the surrounding counties to London and now the east end they will have less reason to suspect me. I am known to be out of town at this time, in the north. How can I be pillaging the streets of London, it’s surrounding counties at night leaving bloodshed in my wake when I am in the north? The men murdered by vampires could not be murdered by me. They may bring in reinforcements to deal with the “new vampire attacks” but, the only ones that they felt could bring Dracula to his knees and perish him from this earth are Kruger who is dead by my actions and, Jayne. She would not wish to kill me after I saved her from further rape attacks at her bosses’ and order members’ sick and twisted punishment laws. After I showed her she could trust me, after I showed her how to love again. ”

Abraham smiled “So you used her to benefit your ends?” Alex snarled a little ” Maybe at first I wanted to, but I had not realised the woman I had instantly fallen for at my demonstration was the enemy I was supposed to render helpless and kill to save myself, help bring revenge on the order. On finding out, I discovered she was as much a pawn in their sick, twisted games as me. I could not harm her, especially as I knew she needed me, wanted me just as much as I needed her. I love her Abraham and I know she loves me.”

Abraham rolled his eyes he followed Alex to the new hiding place nearer the manor. Alex was not pleased about this but before he could reprimand the doctor suddenly Alex put a hand on the doctor’s shoulder and as Abraham was about to speak Alex put a hand over his mouth just as the crackling of frost on the grass beneath feet could be heard. The sound grew closer and from their hiding place within European palm trees he could see two men passing through the small courtyard towards the back enterance to the manor. After just under two minutes Alex took his hand from Abraham’s mouth. “We better get the plan in action now before anyone else comes close to unwittingly finding us. ” Abraham nodded. “Abraham, the coast is clear, I hear no other people nearby. Make a dash for the carriage now. We must get this plan precision perfect or our plans could be changed so much they never see fruition.

Alex without sound to human ear made it to the carriage moments before Van Helsing. He went inside the carriage, under the seat in a secret compartment and got a crow bar to pry open the nails Abraham had used to ensure it would not be easy to open his trunk. It did not take Alex with his strength long to open the trunk. As he then searched the belongings Abraham had taken with them Alex smiled saying to himself. “I knew the good doctor would not leave Birmingham without his most precious medical and scientific books. The trunks contain little clothes but luckily two lined mahogany boxes labelled books, which just happened to Alex’s calculations be big enough to hold a human head each. They had a brass handle on each side for easy carrying. Alex put the trunk on the ground and emptied the books from their rich boxes into it just as Abraham arrived. Abraham looked agast at the scene before him. He whispered in a panicked tone as he rushed to Alex. ” What is the meaning of this Alexander? Those are important books and manuscripts.” Alex did not look at Van Helsing but instead carried on emptying the books into the big wooden trunk. “Your books will be fine Abraham. But, these boxes are needed for a higher calling.” Higher calling?!” Van Helsing said in a confused tone. “Yes, Abraham. Housing the heads of the two lower order members” Alex then looked over at Van Helsing with a grin. “We might just be able to now, have our plan succeed and…” Van Helsing continued. “If they do, save Jayne torture and have her inside the order again but, this time as our allies and unwittingly Dracula’s.” He smiled widely. “How could I have ever doubted you Alexander? Your plan might just work and benefit us in time. “But, Abraham I want Jayne safe, I will not compromise her safety for if I lose her I lose my will to survive and I truly love her Abraham whether you believe that or not. If she comes to major harm you might not find me as compliant and friendly towards you.” Alex said with a note of warning in his tone and raised eyebrow. Abraham took the hint but did not fully believe in it.