Terror Hurt

As you go about life, in your own bubble doing things that for a change are only for you and your pleasure,

The world caves in as news unfolds, more terrorism in our world, more violent attacks to let rip in our wake killing many others.

Your mind fogs, your tears build and flow, reading of another evil unnecessary attack on a world already on high alert, falling in pain from those lost in terror gone by.

The wounds are opened more, lives will not recover as hate disguised as religious works by un holy people are arbitrated in our mist.

We cannot see it coming, we go about our daily lives until boom, then all changes in a glance. 

Terrifying screams, eerie second of calm and after, the storm of hatred reappears and uncertainty follows.

Men and women killing for hate but I still do not understand fully why, why they target the innocent, murder, maim them, rip towns, villages, countries apart  for what? 

The religion I love is not the religion I was born into but the lessons it taught me, God loves us all, love one another as he has loved you, do unto others what you want others to do unto you, love your neighbour as yourself and always strive to do good in the world. 

But terror makers work on satain’s time, his encouragement and lies wrapped up in ways so they think they can justify their atrocities and murder.

They give a bad reputation to a religion that teaches, peace and love. Making a new type of hate not seen since the Jews and Germany in world war2.

I love the world, all in it, but today my heart cries and is heavy with hurt again as more terror befalls the earth.  Human kind once more hurting, bringing more bloodshed, numbing pain and hate.