Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter2, Part 17)

Alex took a deep breath and lifted Mister Smith’s head into one lined box and Mister Reed’s into the other. He knew the order headquarters must have garlic, he had to locate the kitchen in the manor, get in undetected by over a dozen order members, grab two bulbs of garlic and return to the carriage. He hopped within that time Van Helsing and the decapitated bodies would not have been discovered. Dr. Van Helsing seemed to know what Alexander wanted and he made a noise like clearing his throat which broke Alex’s concentration. “I have garlic we can use Alexander.” Alex turned to look at Van Helsing. “What?!” “I always carry some encase some low level vampire comes across my path, you know how it irritates their eyes and skin for a few moments. Long enough for me to escape if I ever should encounter some.” Van Helsing took the garlic from his inside coat pocket.”Well, get on with it Abraham instead of standing here talking about it.” Alex said a little peeved. 

Van Helsing took the garlic stuffing it in the mouths of the bloodless, cold, pale heads. He then closed the lids of the mahogany boxes. “Take the carriage Abraham at once, visit Jenkins in Brooke St. make sure he is alone. If so, tell him I have bought Jayne time, reprieve from being punished. Ring Jayne but talk in coded words. I fear their could be spies in the telephone exchange in the post office so use code when calling Jayne. Tell her, Miss Hunter her father is in better health, that all is going as well as can be expected and she will receive an update tomorrow. If asked by the exchange you are Dr. Abraham. Say no more or no less. Is that understood Abraham?” Abraham did a slight shirt smile to show he understood.

“Will I take the boxes to the private courtyard before I leave?” “No Abraham, leave it to me. You get to Brooke Street as soon as you can. I know what I am doing, for once trust fully in me Abraham. I need this plan to succeed more than you do.” Abraham nodded “But first let me help you unload the bodies from the carriage. ” Alexander nooded. The two men hauled both men one by one from the floor of the carriage, hiding them in the deep hedgerow. It did not take as long as Van Helsing thought. “When you are done Abraham return here with the carriage. If I am not back by one on your pocket watch collect Jenkins and then go straight to Birmingham, I have instructions in Birmingham in my top desk drawer secret compartment on what to do encase anything happens to me. The key is under the floor board under the small moveable library shelves in my study.” Abraham nooded. “Good luck Alexander” Abraham said putting a hand to his shoulder for a few seconds before he put his trunk back in the carriage, mounted the carriage to head to Brooke Street a journey of just over ten miles which would take about 42 minutes to undertake.

Alex watched the carriage disappear into the darkness of the starless night. He hopped Abraham would not mess up his part of the plan. He stayed still for about ten seconds, he did not hear anyone in close proximity with his hearing except for muffled voice coming from within the manor which sounded a little far away. He lifted the first headless body, that of Mister Reed, into his arms. He ran 300 meters up Harrow road and crossed it. His foot steps were silent to human ear. He stopped behind an evergreen palm tree, he heard not a soul approaching him but the muffled voices from within the manor grew louder in his ears. He went around the side of the rows of palm trees and pushed his way between two. The private court yard was lite by a large bees wax candle that stood on a rather tall black, metal candle holder which was of gothic design. Beside the candle was a large Victorian style window. Alex did not wish to risk being detected so he left the body under the palm tree and quickly returned to the carriage to fetch the other body, that of Mr. Black. He was as careful as he had been with Mr. Reed’s body and like it, placed it under a palm tree in the private garden. 

As he made it back to the carriage he heard a voice close by, it was barely audible but it sounded familiar. Then a second voice joined it. The man spoke to another. “What do you make of this Lady Wetherby business?” The other spoke. “If she has fled the order, there is only one punishment open to her and she knows it and if it comes to it I pray for it to be over for her sake quickly.” He sighed sadly, then first man spoke. “And with that our best hope to quill the attacks in the city dwindle to almost nothing Stephen.” The second spoke again.”We better get back inside before James sends a search party for us.” Their footsteps grew further away as he knew they re-entered the manor. Alex murmured to himself “Lord Laurent of Westminster and Chleasa”

Alex waited a few moments to ensure no one else was coming out to the private courtyard, he then took both mahogany boxes one on top of the other and walked quickly to the palm trees surrounding three sides of the private courtyard. He went between two trees where he had laid the order members decapitated bodies. He then quietly put the two boxes half sticking out from under the palm trees. The next part of the plan was a tricky one. He took the forged note he wrote. He walked quickly to the manor door pinning it to door with ribbon which he tied to the doors brass knocker, the note hanging from it. The ribbon was one of Jayne’s with her scent on it of lilly and rose water. He then knocked three times on the door hard with the knocker before taking a few steps back and leaping onto the roof of the manor out of sight. Alex was thankful that on this night there was no moon visible, the stars lights blocked by nimbostratus clouds so he could not, even by chance be seen on the roof. 

It did not take long before the note, bodies and their heads were discovered by Lord Green who had arrived a little late for the meeting. As Alex watched him act flustered, shocked, confusion consuming the over middle aged man he smiled to himself knowing deep inside his plan would come into full action, Jayne maybe spared punishment, seen once again as a loyal order member doing their bidding with great cost to her life. 

Alex walked slowly over the roof following the sound of voices he heard. He moved to his left then right and straight to the far bottom right of the manor roof. From under his position he heard the words from Browing.  

“It seems the plans for Lady Wetherby are for now to be put aside.” Murmurs rippled through the chambers. “SILENCE” Browning bellowed and everything went silent. “It seems our problems with certain violent attacks on the people of London are re-surfacing as we speak. The attack area has widened to the towns and villages surrounding our fair county to the west and north west. The problems there I have been informed have for now been delth with but new attacks are reported in the city in the east regions. Two members of ours, Mister Reed and Mister Mark Black both from Slough have perished in these new waves of attack. Be on your guard gentlemen, it appears our own Lady Wetherby was caught up in these attacks outside London, hence the reason she has not been with us of late. She has now been deployed to the east of the east of the city to help in the situation. Tonight’s meeting is now concluded, but Lord Rothcroft and Lord Laurent you will stay the night here with myself, Lord Davenport and his son Daniel. You can telephone your families let them know.”

Alex then moved a little to his left on the roof, he peered down through the roof light seeing Lord Davenport and Mister Browning converse. He heard clearly every word they said. “Vampires again is it James?” “Afraid so, Lady Wetherby came across these two” He lightly banged on the boxes containing the member’s heads. “Shortly after they were attacked. The culprits have been eliminated. Seems with the recent telephone exchange mess she had been unable to contact us from wherever she was outside London. I still want her watched, once we see her face to face again but done discreetly if you get my meaning.”

Alex was happy he had bought Jayne some breathing room, stopped her from being brutally punished for now but, he knew from the way Browning said Jayne would be watched things would be even trickier from here on out if he was to keep not just Jayne safe but his plans to take down the order.