Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon ( Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter2, Part 18)

Van Helsing knew what he had to do. The journey to Brooke Street from Harrow Road was about 10.5miles and would take around 40minutes. The round trip would take an hour and 20 ish minutes but then, he had a bit of panic. The automatic exchange in 36 Coleman Steeet was about 4.7miles from Brooke Street adding round trip another hour and 10 onto the journey. There was no way all this could be achieved as well as informing Jenkins of some of the plans. Even if he went to the closer exchange on Lombard Street it would only knock about four or five minutes off the journey round trip. He could not do all Alexander asked and be back at Harrow Road by one o clock, it was impossible unless you were like Alexander, blessed with speed like wind. If he did all Alexander asked factoring in six minutes for the phone call and chat to Jenkins it would take two hours forty ish to two hours and forty six minutes.
He had one option, get to Brooke Street, find out somehow if Jenkin’s knows the connection of Jane working for the order. Have him slip out, use the carriage to return to Alexander while Van Helsing used one of Jayne’s to get to the telephone exchange in 36 Coleman Street. His second option, ring Jayne from her house on Brooke street, then returning with time to spare to Alexander. Van Helsing was favouring the latter of the two plans. It was by now almost ten minutes past eleven. After another few seconds thought he settled in his mind to go with his second plan. After all he did not fully know what Jenkins knew of Jayne and the order and if, he was completely trustworthy or not. He had heard Jenkins was loyal to Jayne but to others Van Helsing was not sure. He took the reigns of the carriage and got the horses to a fast trot. The sky was still not reveal any light and all before him was almost pitch black, only his lamplight hanging from the carriage outside notch on the right of the carriage box gave him any light, just enough to see about 60 yards ahead.

As he left Harrow road Van Helsing went past Burham park to Brigewater Road then down to Manor Farm Road and Western Avenue. This journey amounting to just over 6miles. He then took Glouchester Terrace and Nayswater road. He brought the carriage through Parn Lane to Brooke Street. Van Helsing parked the carriage a couple of doors down from Jayne’s manner on upper Brooke Street. He dismounted the carriage and walked to the manor, went up the few steps to the front door and using its brass knocker he knocked loudly three times on the black Victorian style door. He was growing impatient and after after a few moments motioned his hand towards the knocker to try the door again when he heard Jenkin’s voice. “Whom may I ask is calling at such a late hour.?” Van Helsing whispered. “Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, I am here on business that concerns your mistress Lady Wetherby.” Jenkins spoke calmly. “My mistress is out at present, calling on some friends.” Van Helsing rolled his eyes. He whispers in an annoyed tone. “I know where she is, I know Mr. Grayson is helping her.” Jenkins laughed nervously. “You are mistaken.” Van Helsing was now growing angry. “Your loyalty to your mistress is admirable but let me in before I scream waking everyone on the street. You would not want that. You know I have worked with your mistress in the past so you know not to cross me.” Jenkins opened the door slowly. 

“Where is your telephone? I wish to use it at once.”Jenkins closed the front door he then pointed to the long hallway. In the small room a little down the corridor to the left.” “You shall come with me. I want you to hear this call.” Jenkins was fearful inside encase his mistress was in even more danger now but he managed to not show this on the outside. ” of course doctor”he said following him. As Van Helsing got to the room he walked to the telephone. He picked up the receiver and spoke to the post office exchange. Please connect me to this number, in Birmingham” he said the number. In a couple of moments he heard the butler’s voice faintly. “Hello, who is calling? “Ah, Mr. White it is Dr. Abraham. ( the name every servant in the Birmingham manor knew him by). “Can you put our guest on the phone please, it is quite important” The line went silent and for a moment he had a dread the connection had been lost but then he heard a sound and Jayne’s voice. “Dr. Abraham” Van Helsing then spoke. “The connection is weak, I can barely hear you but I have a message for you. “Miss Hunter, your father is getting better, he is as well as expected but his condition will be monitored to ensure he does not deteriorate. I will be in touch with you tomorrow. Do you read me.?” Jayne said barely audible “All is well for now, progress report again tomorrow.” Van Helsing smiled to himself “stay on the line” He handed the receiver to Jenkins “Speak to your mistress.” Jenkins was confused but did as he was told, he took the receiver and spoke.” Hello, hello.” He then heard a faint but recognisable voice. “Is that you my loyal friend?” Jenkins had tears coming to his eyes.”My dear Ja… ” before he could finish Van Helsing shook his head. He knew it meant do not speak her real name encase listeners on the exchange. “My child, I am well, I am overjoyed to hear from you. I was worried. Dr. Abraham is here as you know…” Jayne spoke before Jenkins could finish “He is for now doing good, trust in him. My newest business partner is he there?” Jenkins spoke “I am sorry but no one else has called here of late but he is well, just caught up with business.” Van Helsing grabbed the telephone “Miss Hunter, I assure you not to worry, all is going well. I meet your business partner earlier this evening and he is in good health, just a little over worked. I will leave you now, but be assured I will call you again tomorrow.” He then put down the receiver. 

Jenkin’s body manner was now less ridged and more relaxed. “What is going on? Lady Wetherby says to trust in you so I shall.” He turned to face Van Helsing as he spoke. “I know you know of her work with the order, do not even feign shock. Cutting to chase, Mr. Grayson is ensuring Lady Wetherby will face no reprimand for her absence from the order. Do not ask how, the less you know the better for your own safety. Lady Wetherby wanted us to ensure your safety hence my visit here tonight. If the order visit you tomorrow tell them your mistress is in the east end on urgent business. She came here at dark to inform you so you would not worry, she shall be back in two days latest. It is best to keep her safe. Your mistress shall return by then. She will return to her work, and Mister Grayson has plans to keep her safe at great risk to his own.” Jenkins sighed “he must love my mistress” van Helsing nodded. ” More than you realise, he has done so much to protect her, build her back up. I must go now.” Jenkins nodded “of course. “He walked Van Helsing to the door “I shall return tomorrow to check up on you.” He whispered “if anyone in the off chance spots me here and asks you about it, tell them you were a little unwell. Lady Wetherby had me call on you.” He handed Jenkins a tiny bottle from his inside coat pocket. “A tonic for fatigue, take one spoon each morning and night.” With that Jenkins took the bottle and closed the door while Van Helsing returned to the carriage.