The Dance Of Life 

Life came so fast pushing her to the side, turning her up, turning her down and everything in between.

She laughed with joyous chorus, she cried silent tears into the night, her smile widening and brightening as colours became clear all around her,

Reds and blues, pinks and purples all the colours of the sky,

In and out, between and all around the colours did she dance, dancing her heart out to the ground,

Her spirit soared, her laughter shined like a spot light on a stage, her eyes then twinkled wide and bright,

Her spirit rose, it moved between the shared green landscapes and the wonder of the fluffy, cloud filled sky,

Around the trees of ash, their leaves moved so fast as if they were joining in her dance.

Her body jumped high as all thoughts disappeared, it kicked to the sky, and twirled around in a line so straight as her eyes did they closed, bwhile birds as they watched from far above tweeted their song of joy.
All the day she danced away, her mind on nothing but the joy, joy from dance, that filled her, not just her heart but also her soul with contentment, passion, bringing her tranquility she had never known.

Her smile lighting up the sky it stayed the whole day through until the movemwnts of her life, of her soul, her heart, her love ended, under the dark, clear night, the cold wind rushing through hair and making goosebumps form on her pale, skin.

She bowed as if on a stage when the moon came out to say well done, and one slow, short, heartfelt encore did she preform for her audience of the moon, the stars and those far above.

The golden stars seemed to clap a chorus of excitement one by one. She sat on the ground as the stars they danced around the moon and over the clouds. 

Dances of day, dances of night melting to one to say,

Love they give, love they take to everything this day,

A day of wonder, one of joy, a night of possibilities mapped from above.

Something to last past time itself, people come, everything changes but only tranquility can bring you peace.