I am Pinkie

I am Pinkie, I am true, I am me and you are you.I am crazy, have a wavy do,

But I can be silly, in a trilly, frilly, moo?!

I can easily make you laugh, and no means by half.

And when you are feeling blue, almost like the flu, I can help you smile, wide about a mile.

I am like a box, NO, not a fox, I chatter, chatter worse than the hatter nothing’s the matter with that.

If you know me long,

What? like a bow?

No, I mean in time, which is fine, I barely shut up chatting, fratting, like a dime.

But when I’m blue, worse than glue, I do not talk as walk, and when I sit just a little bit, I feel as if I don’t fit in. 

I go quiet no riot, while in this case, my face is like a base,

Low and woe, full like wool, a sad, bad thing to see.

But when I sing, it rings a tune, my frown, is not the clowns, upside unhappy, but turning right around. 
I am Pinkie, a little winkie, zippidy, wippidy, way.

And if I may, for your day, swing you right away,

Bite the fear, my lovely dear, and if I might, make you feel bright, right, with lots of lights,

Friendship offered or renewed, a word, not bird, to you.

To let you see, we be two, true and so unique.

Cause when your down and you frown I will be your crown, helping you smile, wide as a thousand tiles along the miles and miles.

I want to see you glow then flow all along, no sadness left for the day as you lay all prepared for night, with all your might.

Night is light, oh just right, hippidy, tickity, lickity, boo. And I appear oh so near in a dream, like a ream with a Pinkie hug, snug as a rug all for you. XD