Life goes on no matter how much you wish it to stand still.

Life cannot wait for one person but soldiers on up the hills, down the mountains, through the fields, rivers, roads it meets.

Nothing can help time physically quicken, while nothing can slow it down.

Many a task can make it feel as if life is going by as fast as a speeding train on the tracks or a slow as a snail on a garden path.

Life has smoothness, long straight roads, forks in your path, twists, turns, paths that lead back to one you already took, many to new exciting things, people and places, others to areas of a life we do not wish to have.

Happiness, sadness, laughter, fear, anger, joy are all wrapped up in our living.

What we see, who we meet, what we interact with, what we taste, feel, smell all shape us.

Where we lived, where we might live now or in the future can change us, shape us into something new like a lump of clay molding from a plate to a jug, evolving into something slightly or drastically new.

What we believe, what we learn is right, what is wrong, how to behave, how we look at others and treat them affects not just our life but others.

Will we follow a crowd? Be an individual? Let others change us? If we are bullied will we change who we are or stick to the person we know we love within ourself.

Life can throw us curve balls, punches to the guts, sunshine and roses but what ever happens we must always try to strive to be the best we can be to ourselves and others, be the best version of ourselves to make ourself happy.

Life is something each of us have but what we do not know is; how long or short that path maybe.