Dracula Fan Fiction

Danger From The Order Of The Dragon (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 2, Part 19)

Alex waited until the order members left the order headquarters and entered their carriages leaving for their various manors spread across the city of London. He knew Lord Laurent and Lord Davenport were staying at the headquarters with Mister Browning and he felt leaving his position where he could still eavesdrop on their conversations was not beneficial. He had a gut feeling these three were top dogs in the order in London and they may have plans for Jayne they wished to keep from lower order members. Alex stayed in his position on the roof and about ten minutes later he heard Lord Laurent broach the subject of Lady Jayne. 

Lord Laurent made a noise to clear his throat and spoke a little tentitevly. “James, in regards Lady Jayne Wetherby…” Mister Browning raised a brow and his foot steps ceased as did those of Lord Laurent and Lord Davenport. He turned to his right to look at Lord Laurent. “I was waiting for one of ye to bring up the delicate topic.” He gave a slight sigh. “What is it you wish to discuss about her Stephen?” “Well, I wondered was there more you had in mind for her than what you mentioned at the meeting.” “Stephen you know me. I give out what information I need to in meetings but always hold back some details only those who have my most trust will have the privilege of hearing. You are right, I have more plans for Jayne. For now I will take at face value the evidence she is busy doing our bidding, that she after all may not have betrayed us. But, what I find interesting is that Mister Grayson our partner reluctantly on our behalf in the coolant business has not been spotted for some time in the city. If it had not been for the delivery of two of our lower level members bodies and heads which were displayed in a way only a hand full of order members know how to do including Jaye also the note which I can safely say is no forgery, if not for that  I might have put two plus two together thinking could Jayne have betrayed us for Mister Grayson, his charms.”

Lord Davenport interrupted. “James, Mister Grayson if he is not at present could still be a threat in regards Lady Jayne. It is quiet obvious she is or at least is growing to be a weakness for him. We could use her as bait to reel him into our web. If he thinks Jayne is in danger again he may expose himself and some of his hand in order to protect her.” He gave a smug smile. Mister Browning smiled with a chuckle. “Right you are Edward. But, we must do this carefully. We still need Jayne to help us as without her our plans and strength could diminish. She is one of our most important assets. ”

Lord Laurent felt uneasy about the talk regarding Lady Jayne but managed not to show it through his facial expressions. He planted a fake smile on his face and nodded at Lord Davenport’s words. “We can discuss this at a later date” Mister Browning said. “For now I need to wait up for the men who will secretly take&burry Mister Smith and Mister Black. I will see you both in the morning. We have a busy time ahead.” Lord Laurent and Lord Davenport nodded before retiring to their chambers for the night.

Alex waited almost twenty minutes before he quietly left his position on the roof. He felt uneasy after hearing the discussion on Jayne. He also felt guilt inside as if it were not for him she maybe safer right now. He went to the road outside the order headquarters, walked 100yards on the side closest to Gloucester road where his manor was locate and hid in the thick bushes for Dr. Van Helsing to return as the crescent moon made an expected appearance.

It took less time than he expected for Van Helsing and his carriage to make an appearance. But, Alex decided not to dwel on this right now.  As he heard the carriage approaching him he faintly heard Abraham muttering to himself lowly. As the carriage grinded to a halt Alex emerged from his place of hiding and quickly boarded the carriage. “Did everything go according to plan Van Helsing?” Alex asked a little anxious. Dr. Van Helsin nodded. “Of course Mister Grayson.” Alex spoke again. “Good, for we have much to do tomorrow including you arranging the transport of Lady Jayne back to London. Myself arranging a shareholders meeting for the coolant company. We must make the order believe I am not the reason without doubt Jayne is absent from their fold.  This all means more serum is required. Now head to Carfax Manor Abraham before anyone spots us.” 

The carriage took off again as a light breeze swept through the air and before Alex knew it they had arrived back at his London home once more. A place that hid his true identity and plans from the outside world.