Colours And Moods 

​Life is a mix of colours like a rainbow vibrant and bright. 

It is up to you how you precieve things. In dull, drab tones, or technicolour glorious and full of life. 

How life deals you its hands can change how you see light and colour, maybe once so luxurious, heartwarming now even in sun, sinking to  darkness, uninviting and nothing to make you smile. Things seeming lifeless and dull. 

Your eyes can if you have sight, see the same views, colours as another but within your mind your visions not the same. 

Mood can change how you precieve the world around you. One day things can be glorious with the heavens shinning their beams of gold on the landscape, another,  even in splendor you can see everything around in greys and muted tones. 

Even from minute to minute, emotions, words, incidents can send you spiraling down a dark black hole or turning in a world of mid shades as you plod along not taking in the beauty of nature, scenery around you. Even the lightest of shades you now may view everything in can see you beaming, becoming at one with the world as things turn out in ways to make things right for you and your life. 

A minute, even less is all it takes for the changing of colours in your eyes and the difference of feelings inside, changing who you are for yourself and others.