Love is something we all need to survive whether we like to admit it or not. We all have love even once in our life. A love for something or someone in the past. A love given to us by another long since past. A love we give to another or indeed others in the hopes of its reciprocation. Deep inside we need love, our starved bodies crave it for the rest of us, our being to truly live. Love can make us cry, make us hurt beyond comprehension, on occasions it can make us, as we believe happy. 
Love is what gets us up in the morning. It  makes our heart feel and our mind work. It stops us just going through the same routine of our bodies mechanically dragging itself from the bed, our mind in melancholic trance barely surfacing like an almost dead soul whose heartbeat barely raises above flatline, but, moves enough to keep the body still attached to our world. Whether we submit to the fact or not, love even painful, saddening love makes our heart give us a feeling our body just through the door to the surface can perceive. Tears can flow, but it all makes our mind move more than mere teetering just above the line of doom, of giving into just motion limited living with our mind on vacation as we feel if we bring it back we step outside a comfort zone we fear as we think, can I survive challenges.  Can I exist in something I think I am not ready for where I could trip and fall into ultimate fail, where I believe I am nowhere near good enough to succeed. 

Love can be precise, we mainly hear of its good qualitis or the downright dirty evil connotations it can create. But, do we ever hear that love gets us to wake, in body, mind, feeling, indeed our senses could not function in life without it. It leads to actions that define us good, or bad or somewhere inbetween each day. Love is not always the same each day we wake, but still it makes the world rise, makes people react and people to choose what to do with the love they had, have, lost, or even love they dream of but never due to circumstance received. 

Look into the eyes of many who without any motive give love to lonely souls, those who need friendship but feel isolated.  Those who listen, care the most without ceremony or wanting thanks. Those who need care more than they receive. If you look deep enough into their eyes, the window to their souls, you will see pain, loneliness and a longing for a love they do not receive. You may in time even see silent tears roll down their cheeks.  They seem to know more about love than those who receive it freely and in abundance. They treasure it more on receiving and wrap it with care.  

Love is a central emotion to our world and take it from us the world could crumble, into the abyss.