Foreign Bodies And The Eye

Eyes, tested by infection, tested by you, tested by God, tested by strain and… over use?
The eye gives a big sigh in the only way it knows as it is attacked from within by foreign bodies not invited to be insight.

Your eye is poked, prodded, torn and made to leak from the inside out like a prisoner being interigated by terrorists.

Tears that will not cease flowing, like a waterfall, the water rapidly spilling as if on a treadmill unable to stop until it falls dangerously over the edge.

The foreign bodies joy overflows and in celebration they pucker up the eye, bruise it and make it look as if the human it belongs to has been in a boxing match or cried so hard the eye has collapsed on itself almost closing to a full and ballooned with little fight.

The eye tries to fight but the infection is too much.

Next it is pricked with pain like needles stabbing its membrane until a sand like feeling comes to its human every time the eye blinks.

Blink, more wetness falls from the eye, blink blink, shooting pain seares within it like an invader stuck within the lids.

Blink, the human cannot take the agonizing pain or wetness soaking down her cheek.

As the human approaches a mirror she sees her eye is the casually of a war she did not know she or her eye were a party to. 

Her eye almost fully closed, swollen so red and soaked like land from the flood of a river it lay beside. 

Vision blurs, the fight continues until the human gets help,to rid herself of the foreign intruders.

Light hurting the eye and it cannot open to this pain.

The fight comes with antibiotic cream that only helps to feed the invaders, make them stronger than before.

The battle is lost but the human fights back with antibiotic drops, steroid drops that seem to be pushing the enemies out.

The eye opens a little bit more but wait… the remaining troops clamber together to form a new plan that sees them win this battle too.

The agony of the first attack that the eye and its human believed to be fading repeats and the eye closes once more almost to the full, the troops learn how to reinflict the pain and water filled mess its comraids did before.

The human tries to claw back a victory only to discover the drops and wipes she used this time her enemies within were able to withstand.

At a last ditched  attempted the plan d she never expected to need to play, the fight back with even stronger antibiotic drops, steroid drops and drops to numb the pain. 

Little by little as the days slowly wind by, day into night, night into day the eye begins to open, the redness lessen, pain fade to a dull ache, light sensitivity subsiding. 

Afteralmost eight weeks of pain, agony, soaked cheeks and tissues, losing battles the human and the eye are winning the war the infection began.