Pain through the brain. 

A pain that washes over you on the brain of your mind. Pain from the inside manifesting out. Over your forehead, it pushes out, down to your eyebrows and on to the nose. 

Feelings like bricks pressing the nasal bones, harder and harder until you just want to rip.

Numbing and deadness feed the right part of your brain. Like zig zag patterns but tender to the touch. Coldness attacks it with the feeling of searing deadness pain. Dizziness hitting sudden to just the eyes. 

The hurt so relentless you bow your head into your hands placing it on somewhere light cannot reach. The torture now too much to bare.

You know you have to move, reach for relief but, what do you do if the medicine fails to lift you from this cycle of daily pain? 

You reach for temporary relief in cold patches that sude the nose, forehead for a time. You lie down to sleep. Hoping the darkness you shut yourself away in will ease the pain. You wake, sometimes in less pain others not so. A feeling of nausea hitting the back of your throat, your tummy feeling raw, your appetite suppressed. Some days you release what is inside your systems others thankfully no. 

You know you must eat to prevent the pain increasing so you do a little in time. The cycle continues. Each new day you wake to a nose you wish to rip away from pain, a head that as the day progresses hurt unfolds through it more.

Some days the pain is not so bad light hurts too much, others even a slither of light makes you moan in more pain. 

What can you do?  Especially when the doctor does little or nothing to help.