Valentine’s Repeat 

Valentines come,  Valentines goes, year after year always the same. 

Money goes from many pockets to the hands of merchants, tills that ring with a ding in shops. 

Items over priced to catch those with love in their hearts.  A holiday preying on the one thing most humans crave; love.  A holiday parked in between times of huge cash flows for businesses to make hefty the almost empty tills in a barren month. 

The evil grin on the faces of executives, PR professionals, advertisers as they use a delicate emotion to pry even more hard earn money from the pockets of many. 

It is a day not needed.  A day we are hypnotised into thinking we do.  If you are part of a twosome a couple so true you forget the industries label on the day, you may be ridiculed, left in the cold by the one you sorely love.

Why should we give into industry pressure? Be forced into making a big deal of this one date?  

If you love someone with passion, or just a lasting love where passion is not as important as the everyday being together in truth remember; any day can be your Valentine’s day.  Celebration on a grand scale should not be confined to a made up special day by the greedy sellers or an engagement, marriage or anniversary. It should be whenever you feel the urge.

Love is 365 days one more every four. Each day love should be treasured, shone like gold even in little ways on each and every one. Subtle actions to show how the love you and your partner share means so much to you and your heart. 

 When you are with the one you love each second is a miraculous gift, a piece of heaven stored previously in your heart.