Human Makeup







Numbers, letters and thoughts. These things that swirl in different shapes and movements in our mind. 




Emotions we express on how we feel the world around and how it develops including us, causing these emotions to shift or stay the same.


Tear stained cheeks from crying, 

Sounds of joyous singing from deep inside through our mouths.

Adjectives in sentences used to,  in a way humanise our emotions, to give voice to things seen through emotion to make them physical not lost in empty ghost like air. For if not seen do others believe they are real?  Some cannot be seen at times, emotions hidden in a veil of fake emotions/feelings.





Things most of us learn to do and take for granted. 

Personality, shaped by circumstance, environment we live, our ethnicity, people around us, their behaviour to us and others . All this creates the core of who we are from creatures so small, defenseless, depending on others for all. To adults roaming about the world with our back at times pressed to the way we were taught to live as we grew.

We know we can never if we wish,  fully shake off our way of how we view, treat things, animals, others even if we wished. Lessons we were given embedded deep inside our vast, endless mind. 

We can change but some of those ways stick forever in us and how we are. 

But if we wish to savour those lessons, treasure them from deep inside to show to the world we will do so. 

We are who we are, before we learned of free will we began to forge in mind, personality and all. 

We can change or stay the same but our past can never be erased. Some traits remain even if our teachers from birth are not a blood link. They are family, or people entrusted with our care. They shaped us and who are now or will grow into from mind, thoughts, actions.

Some teachers are our blood link, who created us or who were from our creaters, blood linked to us through them who shape us in more than just actions but in physical ways too which can be seen in our look, our medical needs at times and more. 

We are part of our ancestors, part of God too. They also help forge our very being inside and out. 

Human makeup, complex, but defining in who we truly are.