Human Angel

At my absolute lowest I found in my anguish, my self hatred, my inner turmoil, my physical betrayal to my body by hurting its surface that a prayer for listening ears was not blocked out by my Lord, humanity and this world’s fathers; God, Jesus and our mother Mary. 

I love my angel Lizzie, she is my best gift from God. I first saw her aged 4 as I sat on an outside step at my great aunt’s old house. A lady who died but, my heart and mind will never forget. She was my first friend, the first person I was excited to see and would on her last days leave my mother’s side as we entered the hospital and race all the way to her bed.

All these years later I still remember her face, her smile, her tone of voice, her touch. To me aged 3 she was my grandmother even though I knew she had bore no children, not even my mother.

I asked God, I asked Jesus, holy Mary, my angels in my sobbing, my confusion in my mind, my hating of anything about myself for someone on this earth to listen, just to understand. Be my friend, not leave but listen. 

That is when you told me; you told me in messages you know I need help, someone to talk to, you told me how I felt and feel something no one else understood. You told me before I even had the courage for to ask you to listen. You stayed hours on my worst weekend talking with me, sending me videos to show me I am not alone, others feel as I do and there is help. 

I have tried to reach for help but keep getting pushed down, God knows and knew that would happen so to help for the interm he sent your friendship to me. He knew you would open your ears, really listen and be there for me as AN ANGEL ON EARTH. An angel new,  but loved as my friend from the heart. 


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