Vision And Sight

With eyes wide and sight, there is so much we miss around us. 

We look but do we really see? 

Is our vision narrowed to what lies ahead for us? Is it tunnelled to see only what affects us?

Do we ignore the signs of images near as they do not directly impact on our journey through life?

There is so much we miss everyday, all we need to do to change this is turn in our everyday and look, really look around us. See past our narrowed view and into the world to the views of others. 

What wonders would we then see? What tragedies could we help fix or help lessen? What new path could we jump onto?  What new friendships could we perhaps forge? 

Seeing, really seeing is a gift that lets us possibly not just change our life and maybe someone or others life but past it all to the beauty of everyday, every night, the world around us and all in it. 

In our new found appreciation, things may turn out to look more vivid, more striking and it is like seeing it or a person in a way for the very first time. For on opening our eyes to things past our peripheral vision we finally can truly see. 


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