Dracula Fan Fiction

One Step Ahead (Dracula Fan Fiction, Chapter 3, Part 1) 

As Alex entered the manor with Van Helsing his mind was racing. It did not help that his craving and need for blood had reared its ugly head. A reminder for Alex that he was not as he or others would precieve (if they knew of his secret)  as normal. He cursed himself mumbling some unsavory words under his breath with a scowl on his face. He walked towards his study as the now visible moon shed light down the path of the long hallway, Alex’s body casting a long shadow down the corridor. Without looking back he suddenly spoke. 

“I am going out Abraham. I shall be back well before dawn giving you time to ensure the machine is still working as it should. ” Van Helsing replied” Pardon, Mr. Grayson? ” He said as he had been in a world of his very own thoughts as Alex spoke. Alex gave a slight huff.” I shall be going out, I will be back in a few hours.” Van Helsing nodded “Of course, but ensure you are back in plenty of time for me to administer your antidote. You have to be seen out and about tomorrow by the order as you surprise them with setting a meeting for directors of the coolant company” Alex huffed again and turned quickly. He ran to Van Helsing pinning him to the wall by his neck. “I know what we have to do Abraham I do not need reminding I am no fool” He yelled, his fangs showing before letting Van Helsing who had struggled for breath go.

It had partly been his sudden almost out of control need for blood that had Alex rear on Abraham. It had taken great resistance not to taste the blood of the doctor. Alex began to feel a little out of control, a slave to his need for blood. 

Alex walked briskly to his study, he opened the door and took a key from his inside jacket pocket, the moonlight lighting the room enough for Alex to proceed. He opened the top drawer from his desk and  took out an old knife with a solid silver and jeweled cover placing it in his breast pocket before locking the drawer. He put the key in a safe spot in the room before turning to leave it. He balled his hands into fists to try and suppress some of his growing rage.  He closed the door behind himself. He walked up the corridor, his footsteps on the marble tiles echoing loudly. He passed Van Helsing who was red faced, had just gathered his breath enough to move away from the wall. Alex paid him no attention as he walked down the corridor and out of the manor into the night. He banged the door behind himself, ready to find another victim to secure temporary relief from not only his want but need for blood to survive. 

As Alex walked down the empty dark street on Gloucester Close his thoughts turned to Jayne and how he hopped he could help, keep her alive. 


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